Know GDG-VIT Vellore: Prince Bansal

GDG VIT Vellore stands tall and proud of its legacy. But who creates the legacy? The determined, dedicated and enthusiastic members of the amazing group of developers “GDG-VIT Vellore”. Here at GDG-VIT Vellore we believe its not the name that defines the person but his abilities and work. One such member who redefined the meaning of dedication and leadership was Prince Bansal. With his smiling face and subtle humor no one can judge the intense developer inside. He not only led the Android team of GDG-VIT Vellore but became the Vice President to open up the new dimensions to the organisation.

Prince Bansal

How did it start?

Prince Bansal after discovering his love for computers opted for Bachelors degree in Information Technology from VIT University, Vellore in 2013. Prince unlike many in there glorious college days showing off there talents, focused on his self-development. In his third semester Prince heard about GDG-VIT Vellore recruitment and gave it a try. With the set of skills he possessed there was second thoughts about his selection. “It was not the talent which got us to select Prince but it was his excitement to learn things on the first place” the recruiting seniors told. He joined GDG-VIT Vellore in 2014 as a JAVA developer.

With every passing month Prince Bansal was setting examples by leading from the front, be it team work, dedication, innovation or development. “ Once recruited I just wanted to learn as much as I could. I remember my second year days in GDG working day in day out. We used to work till 5 a.m. in the morning and then go out for a tea and again resume the work. It was so fun back in those days.” exclaims Prince.

His work made him Special

Prince Bansal started as a Java Developer but with time he developed keen interest in Android development. His approach for any task was simple and vivid. “ I wondered many a times is my work even worth because i had no complexities like other in the group.” laughed Prince while sharing his experience. But his work was not only worth but inspiring. Prince always had a solution to the problems in hand. This is the reason he led most of the successful projects of GDG-VIT Vellore. His major projects included: MyVIT app, VOLSBB One-Touch, Devfest 2016 App. He also initiated experimental projects like GDG-VIT app and Virtual Piano which gave a first hand experience to many members of GDG-VIT.

Prince also worked on hardware projects majorly IoT. Prince provided a platform for the new members to learn about development and programming. He never hesitated to share his weaknesses and guided freshers to overcome them. “ I never saw him panic. He always remained calm and composed.” mentions his former team member Abhinav Das.

His few of the projects can be checked on his github account: Github Profile

His memories and experience with GDG-VIT Vellore

Prince worked with GDG-VIT Vellore for two years and half years and have gathered some golden memories with GDG-VIT Vellore. “It was amazing experience to be a part of GDG-VIT Vellore. GDG-VIT Vellore has given me a lot of memories, most of them being pleasant. I have made friends for life working with GDG.” says Prince Bansal. His fond memories include organizing Devfest ’14 and Devfest ’15, participating Hackathons with GDG members and late night core meetings. “ Devfest ’15 was experience which I am going to treasure life long. It had all the elements excitement, tension, nervousness, fun and what not. I would love to join the Devfest in future too if i get a chance.” shares Prince remembering the past.

He won MyGola hackthon held at Bangalore leading a GDG VIT team. It was among the most celebrated victories of GDG VIT members and Prince remarks it as the beginning of the path to success. Prince was selected to participate in Google Android Summit held at Bangalore. Only 50 members across the nation were selected to be the part of the prestigious event and Prince rightfully reserved his spot. “ I could have never got a chance to showcase my talent if it wouldn’t be GDG-VIT. Google Android Summit was my break in the true industry. It was like a dream come true.” says Prince. Prince thanks GDG-VIT to provide him such a platforms where he could learn about so many domains.

“ Working in GDG VIT gave me an edge over others. When I sat for my placements, the interviewer was even impressed noticing my work experience with GDG VIT.” Prince expresses on asking about help in Placements. “Being a part of organisation like GDG is special because not many people are from GDG” expresses Prince.

Prince Bansal Post GDG VIT

Prince is currently working as a trainee at one of the leading IT company ‘Kirusa’ at Bangalore. He is working as Full Stack developer in Java. He plans to spend few more years working with the organisation owing to the exposure he is bagging there. Prince has already joined GDG Bangalore and attends the meet ups regularly.

Have a look at his LinkedIn profile too: LinkedIn Profile