Know GDG VIT Vellore- Sai Sreekar

Sai Sreekar

Sai Sreekar

Sai Sreekar, one of the few exceptionally talented designers at GDG VIT Vellore, had always had a penchant for designing. So when he saw what his friend Sauraj , already a design team member, was getting to work on as part of the GDG at VIT , his interest was piqued. He started following the happenings of the chapter which was then in its nascent stage in VIT. Eventually he was motivated enough to join the community.

Making Memories

Ask him about his best moments at GDG and he remembers the DevFest of 2016. The event demanded a multitude of uniquely thinking people, all in a single hall, using their grey cells to come up with solutions with the help of techology. He recalls that it was an enthralling to interact with people and exchange ideas with them throughout the night and the duration of event.

How has GDG helped him ?

He says , “GDG and its community members have given me a broader view towards designing. It wasn’t just about following an idea, it’s about selling it too. “He got an opportunity to work with multi-talented people such as Shamvil and Thiyagaraj within GDG, who gave him clarity on how a problem should be approached and on hoe to produce the right design solutions for them. As a part of the design team at GDG VIT Vellore, the major chunck of his job dealt with the digital marketing for an event. It meant providing high quality social media posters and attracting a larger audience.

He reminisces meeting new people vis the events conducted and interchanging exciting ideas. He has made some unforgettable friends at GDG VIT Vellore and is grateful for all those who have supported him and believed in his abilities.

The Present

Sai Sreekar

Currently, Sai Sreekar is working on his portfolio and learning new design methods. He looks forward to connecting with GDG Hyderabad since helping open source communities has always been a fantastic experience for him.

You can check out some of his amazing designs at -