Perks of Attending Women Techies

#WOCinTech Chat/Creative Commons

On account of the festive fervor surrounding International Women’s Day, GDG VIT and Women Techmakers VIT are organizing an all female hackathon this Sunday, and if you are still trying to make up your mind about attending it, this should help you out.

Women Techies has nothing to do with sexism, in fact…

Women Techies is an event under the banner of Women Techmakers which is a global organization of women across all ages in the field of technology, many of whom are working in the industry as researchers and developers in highly competitive environments. One of the purposes of this hack is to urge girls who may not be confident of their coding skills, yet want to venture out and fight their fear of failure. It’s a first step towards competing and kick on from your level if you are a beginner at coding.

Looking for a versatile experience? You’ve come to the right place…

So, unlike other hacks this hack doesn’t just give you 10–15 coding problems of the same genre. It gives you a taste of all the fields of computing. Right from Web Development and Android to UI/UX design. You can pick and choose to work on your field of preference.

You will brainstorm and make a difference…

…instead of just sitting there and writing redundant code. This hack doesn’t only aim at rewarding a participant who is good at coding but it aims at finding people or a group of individuals who can take a real-world problem and find a solution to it, all the while working as a team.

OK maybe you‘re still not convinced this is it…

But honestly…this is it and here is why I am reaffirming that.

So, I have been reiterating that it’s a great event for all the beginners. Now we all know that the process of learning cannot be done alone. We all need someone to help us out, a mentor, a friend or a teacher, to understand and get better at what we are aiming to achieve. Now, to get your ship sailing, we are offering you the guidance of the best coders from our technical team at GDG VIT to help you out; because we at always believe to provide help to those who ask for it, just as its done at Hogwarts!

“So, maybe this is actually worth it. But I am absolutely broke, so maybe next year.”

We all understand how painful it is to keep paying for every event. The good news is that this is FREE, because we believe that sharing of knowledge and amazing experiences should not be hindered by money.

We also have food and beverages for you to keep you going, and you get loads of cool schwags too!

This is an absolute steal my friends! I hope to see you there on the 11th of March, 2018!

You can register on our website to be a part of this amazing experience.