Songified and Cyanite

Rehaan Mazid
GDSC VIT Vellore
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3 min readJul 10, 2021


What if every musician had an application that could get insights into the songs they record, search the scale and tempo of any song, and keep notes about their music in the same application? The application, Songified, under development by Jeevan Yohan Varghese and Rehaan Mazid at the Developers Student Club, Vellore Institute of Technology, India, provides exactly that. It not only provides analysis and song data but also allows other users to comment and share information on songs that shows up when the song is searched. Instead of jumping from one application to another, Songified provides a one-stop application for all musician needs- Analysis, Music DataSearch, and a Notepad.

The Audio Analysis Feature powered by Cyanite and Home Screen

Powered by Cyanite API, the application can analyse any song. Cyanite provides not only a quick Fast Scale Musical Analysis but also, in addition to that, a more detailed and accurate Full Scale Musical Analysis that provides not only the key and tempo for the analysed song but also data like mood tags that help musicians comprehend better as to how the listener might react to the music. It also accurately classifies the Genre to which the music belongs to. The Energy Level data determines the overall energy of the song, helping musicians understand the vibe that they want to create compared to what they have created. It is also fascinating that the API has been successful in identifying the dominant voice, Male or Female, on the analysed song with high accuracy. Much more interesting is the fact that it also adds a Musical Era Tag,. a tag that determines the similarity of your music with any era of musical history. I have never seen any other API service provide such insightful data as Cyanite API does.

The Song Search Feature and personalized Songbook

From a developer’s point of view, Cyanite API has been really easy to implement. The documentation for the GraphQL API was really clear and has been an important part of our project. Not only has Cyanite API been important but they have also been supportive. The team at Cyanite has supported us in this journey of making this application and we are grateful to the Cyanite Team and Mr. Jakob Höflich for supporting us. It is with the support of institutions like Cyanite that developers around the world have been able to create new applications and technologies.

To conclude, Cyanite is the one-stop API service for the perfect musical analysis. We are looking forward to releasing our project Songified soon and are grateful to Cyanite for supporting us.