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Jul 11 · 9 min read

The start-up environment in India has become enormously huge in the past few years and it will continue to rise in the forthcoming years as well. Technology and innovation is the key aspect of building something new to solve the problems of billions and making life easier.

India has the third largest start-up ecosystem after the USA and the UK and is the fastest growing economy in the world.

The startups have revolutionised various sectors like education, healthcare, environment, financial services, travel and tourism, logistics, consumer services and many more. They lead to new innovations which have transformed our lives completely. For instance, if you want to watch a movie but hate standing in long queues, you would just open an app on your mobile phone and book your favourite seats. Or if you are craving to eat your favourite snack but don’t feel like going outside in the scorching heat, you would just order your food online and get it delivered at your doorstep. If you are planning to go to a hill station for your vacations but knowing that there is too much crowd, within a few clicks, you would be able to book your hotel.

Life is much simpler nowadays! Everything is just a few clicks away!

“Something that is an exploration today could be an opportunity tomorrow.”

Jennifer Anderson, Sr. Director of Engineering, Uber

Illustration for Startup by DSC VIT
Illustration for Startup by DSC VIT

What is the future of startups

The start-up industry seems both promising and prospering, it’s probably the startups that will become the face of entrepreneurship over the years which is already been acknowledged with the creation of apps that have grown into multi-million businesses. The entrepreneurs will need to be tech-savvy to conquer the future of start-ups.

A start-up without a twitter account may wave goodbye to the business network!

A focus on funding will also enable start-ups to leverage their field of technology. It is very likely that more attention will be put on cloud networks and technology-focused start-ups like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain Technology, Internet of things, etc. who will be at the forefront of successful startups.

“Startups are the engines of exponential growth, manifesting the power of innovation. Several big companies today are start-ups of yesterday.”

Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India

India’s Startup Environment


India has seen tremendous growth in the start-up ecosystem in all the sectors. If we talk about the seamless digital transaction process, it has brought about 500 million new users.

In the HealthTech sector, over 500 start-ups have come up comprising of online pharmacies, health monitoring devices, wearable devices for fitness tracking, consultation platform to directly connect with the top doctors and what not. In the EdTech sector, more than 400 startups have come up to bring online coaching for the students.

Besides this, growth is seen in all sectors like Logistics, AgriTech, FoodTech, Automotive, Travel, Media & Entertainment, AdTech, Real Estate, Gaming, Security, etc. Data analytics, IOT and AI stand tall in the start-up ecosystem and will continue to grow exponentially generating high revenues year by year.

“As AI becomes mainstream, organisations will require talent and skill sets that are very different from what exists now. Educators and institutions are integral to the skilling revolution taking root in the country.”

Anant Maheshwari, Microsoft India

Let’s have a look at some Indian startups which are likely to be unheard but have been doing incredibly good and might soon be making their own place in this giant ecosystem.

  1. Staqu Technologies - ABHED

Technology is nothing if it fails to address the issues of social concern. An AI-based start-up, Staqu, is working with the defence forces from across the country to mitigate crime and violence and to curb its impact on the country’s economy.

They have launched first-of-its-kind criminal registration and search app ABHED (Artificial Intelligence Based Human Efface Detection) which works on mobile phones as well. It also uses machine learning which helps in criminal searches, missing person search, crime scene fingerprint matching and much more. They have added voice samples to eliminate even a single chance of mistaken identity which may take place with visual identification.

ABHED Technology

They have also introduced AI-powered spy-glasses, which takes pictures of the people around and scan them with the criminal database and if it matches, the whole information of the criminal is displayed on the projector screen fitted inside. In the area of predictive policing, they have an AI-enabled system which monitors the CCTV feed and sends ongoing cautions if something isn’t right.

Twitter Handle:

Have a look at digit’s article to learn more about them!

2) BeatO

Start-up origins with a single idea of solving real-life problems and eventually making lives simpler and better. This HealthTech start-up BeatO app boasts features which help diabetic patients to control and manage their diabetes. There is a BeatO’s Smartphone Glucometer which easily plugs into the audio jack of the smartphone. Whenever you take a reading, it is saved on the cloud and the mobile app provides detailed analysis. Apart from your family, the readings are also immediately sent to a team of specialised doctors and dieticians that proactively guides you in managing diabetes.

Funding raised: Institutional round of $1.3 million led by Leo Capital and co-led by Blume Ventures.

Twitter handle:

Have a look at YourStory’s article to learn more about them!

BeatO’s Smartphone Glucometer

3) Kriya Labs

Nearly twenty million tonnes of rice straw is burned every year in India immediately after the crops are harvested. This results in the emission of harmful gases like nitrogen dioxide, methane, carbon dioxide and a huge amount of particulate matter which causes serious health issues like asthma, bronchitis, retarded nervous system and cognitive impairment.

Kriya Labs, founded by three students, is a startup incubated at the Indian Institute of Technology - Delhi and it has come up with a solution to this problem. As the theme of ‘World Environment Day’ for the year 2019 is ‘Beat Air Pollution’, Kriya Labs successfully implements it and aims to create a market for rice straw to avoid it’s burning and adding commercial value to it. This will automatically reduce pollution and health issues and, in addition, will generate an extra source of income for the farmers by selling their rice straw and create employment opportunities for several people.

The founders explain how the whole machinery works — the straw is treated with a natural solvent to separate the organic polymer from cellulose leading to the formation of pulp. The semi-solid substance is then dried and moulded into biodegradable cutlery. The entire operation of converting rice straw into biodegradable cups, plates and jars is eco-friendly and sustainable.

Twitter handle:

Have a look at YourStory’s article to learn more about them!

Kriya Lab’s Solution

4) Parallel Dots — KARNA AI

Karna AI, a product of Parallel Dots, build an intelligent AI-based platform for the consumer brands and retailers across the world to collect, analyse and visualise retail data. It does retail shelf image analysis by running its AI to monitor and analyse things like competitor shelf space, promotional offers displayed like ‘buy one get one free’, product variants etc. It helps track whether the retailer is correctly executing what was commissioned by the consumer goods company in the form of offers, display etc. and if found any discrepancies, the company is informed.

Suppose, Coca-Cola has given a particular store a fridge with its branding. Now, that store is supposed to keep only their products. If the shopkeeper keeps any competitor products like Pepsi, their product will report such inconsistencies to the company.

Parallel Dots have come up with some other AI products- AI API’s (it comprehends the huge amount of textual and visual content) and Dentistry AI (cloud-based software which can detect dental caries).

The total funding raised by Multipoint Capital is $2 Mn.

Twitter handle:

Karna AI’s shelf image analysis

5) International Public School for Rural Innovation Startup

It is an initiative taken by Anil Pradhan, whose objective is to provide quality education in villages through innovation and technology. The teaching methodology employed in the school is what makes it different from others. The course curriculum is the same as the Board of Secondary Education in Odisha, but it employs altogether a different teaching methodology and it mostly focuses on skill development and STEM education, while still teaching other subjects and languages.

The school does not charge any kind of tuition fees from the children.

The school has an innovation room with a 3D printer, drill machines, laser cutters and other kinds of small tools and these machines are equipped with ‘kill switch technology’ to ensure the safety of children.

“A major section of our society lives in rural areas, and it is quite important to have EdTech startups in these parts.”

Anil Pradhan, IPSFRI

Twitter handle:

Have a look at YourStory’s article to learn more about them!

Anil Pradhan ( @ideaspedia) with the school children demonstrating the technology.

Afterall, It takes a big ❤️ to shape little minds!

DSC VIT Vellore

Developer Student Clubs VIT, powered by Google Developers, is a non-profit community that aims to inspire intelligent minds in the field of technology. DSC provides opportunities where developers, designers and managers work together to carry out real-time projects.

Shreya Maheshwari

Written by

DSC VIT Vellore

Developer Student Clubs VIT, powered by Google Developers, is a non-profit community that aims to inspire intelligent minds in the field of technology. DSC provides opportunities where developers, designers and managers work together to carry out real-time projects.

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