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The rumors are true; Google Assistant is headed to the iPhone. Just announced at Google I/O, the company will roll out Assistant as a separate iOS app from Google search to take on Apple’s Siri.

Unfortunately, the Assistant experience won’t be quite the same on iPhone because there are API restrictions. Google Assistant on iOS will be able to do general stuff like send iMessages and play a song on your Spotify, but it won’t be able to do some important things like set alarms. The app integrates with all of Google’s other tools, of course, opening YouTube to play videos and Maps to navigate home.

Additionaly, since you can’t remap the Home button from Siri to Google Assistant, you instead add have to use a widget to pull up Assistant.

Google did announce a software development kit today at I/O which will allow anyone to build an app with Assistant integrated, so you might start to see the Assistant in other apps soon. And Google’s working on making Assistant work on other devices in your life, from your car to your office. For now, Google hopes you’ll use the Assistant app as a launching pad, but until it’s as easy as a home button it’s still tough to beat Siri.

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