Press release — Red n Blue game

Gear up studio launches Red ’N’ Blue puzzle game

Chennai , Tamil Nadu — June 20th we’ll launch Red ’N’ Blue puzzle game — A tricky puzzle game to train your brain.

Red ’n’ Blue is a simple ball puzzle. just swipe and push the Red balls and send them to the Destination.

Red ’N’ Blue is a simple puzzle similar to sokoban where you corner useless object. Here player’s aim is to send the Red balls to Red slots to do that the need to avoid the obstacles (Blue balls). I’m Red ’N’ Blue we want to keep things simple so we gave a minimalist theme to it. We have now fully tested full packed 45 levels, we assure you for 100+ levels in future. Let us give our brain a workout!! join us!!

Akaash said “Simplest puzzle game i have ever played its all fun and hard as well, Thanks Gear up :)”

— — Game Development Team — gear up studio

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