“VIBES” Community Program is starting! Welcome to the 1st stage.

Hey GEARheads, developers are finishing up work on Gearbox V2 and are making final edits. A few more audits — and the machine that DAO has been working on, will be ready. By the way, here’s a little alpha for you…

Meanwhile, enough time has passed since our announcement of the metaDAO “VIBE” Community Program that we think it’s time to start the 1st stage…

What should we prepare for and what to expect?

As we said before, your contributions will be evaluated by main GEARheads who are overseeing this program. Long story short, you have to pass a simple know-gearbox quiz which will grant you a starting POAP (by getting a POAP you can get GEARHead Explorer role via Collab.Land in Discord). Anyone who gets the role can participate in activities provided by metaDAO and earn points which will be distributed through the Discord Community Bot.

How do I earn points and what activities will be available?

  • Media contests
  • Meme contests
  • Creative contests
  • Poker tournament and more games
  • Raid support

In such events, there will be rewards for the best participants in the form of points. And when there are no contests, nothing needs to be done? Not true! You can always find something to do and make content and be active regardless of the contests. So, if there is a specific task, follow it, and if there is none — just be creative and create quality content by yourself.

What do I get for these points?

The idea is to grow the community leaderboard and grant prizes after every other stage. For example, here is how it can work:

  • you start with a POAP, you help with some raids;
  • you do some small tasks and receive more points;
  • BAM! You get a new limited-edition commemorative POAP.
  • BAM! Some GEAR tokens are attributed to limited POAP holders.
  • you do some more work and simple tasks, create unique content…
  • BAM! You get yet another even more exclusive POAP.
  • BAM! Some more GEAR tokens are attributed to certain POAP holders.
  • etc. You get the idea :) It’s achievement-based, not pay-to-play.

FYI: the current metaDAO budget is 10M GEAR and 50,000 USDC for Q3-Q4. It can be supplemented as needed. These funds will be used to reward program participants and KOLs for their contributions to protocol development. Awards could be both instant (for winning contests) and based on leaderboard results, which will be granted as the program progresses. Various grants are also possible. See more on VIBES metaDAO here.

How to join? Let’s go step by step:

  1. Are you a newcomer who wants to become part of the Gearbox DAO community? Pass an easy know-gearbox quiz and get an Explorer POAP which proves your participation in the program & gives specific Discord channel writing rights. The quiz results are evaluated every now and then (not 24/7) so don’t worry if it takes a few days to get the list onboarded into the program. Then…
  2. Create interesting content (meme, creative design, media and etc). If you are not sure where to get inspiration, what to write about, or where to find the designs — just ask in the corresponding VIBES Discord channel.
  3. Uses the product, describes his experience, creates high-quality twitter threads or articles with your own strategies, or learn from someone else’s experience. Reviews the successful experiences of other participants!
  4. Help our marketing army. Join the raid ranks! Help promote the core ideas of the DAO. Reposts, comments, likes. But please stay organic.
  5. Record educational quality lessons in the regional language. Talk about Gearbox Protocol in your region, make quality genuine reviews.
  6. Participate in communication in Discord, share your ideas. Participate in discussions on proposals in the forum. Vote on the snapshot or delegate your GEAR to the delegates, like described here.
  7. Participate in games and other activities. Invite new members, offer ideas for collaborations with the DAO you are already a member of.

Be creative, create a vibe! Try to avoid the obvious.

Rules of Conduct:

To begin with, you have to respect the main participants and their time. Try to communicate on topics that are already discussed and use search (probably someone has already asked a similar question or raised a topic that you want to raise) just continue the dialogue or find an answer to your question, it is not necessary to use tags and distract devs from their tasks.

The community program uses a couple of separate channels where you can talk about topics related to the program, the rest of the chats are for discussing the product and working on it. Please keep this in mind and do not put dialogs about the community program in the other channels, this will distract the general attention from the product.

Pass the quiz below to get the Explorer POAP role. You can get the role at the beginning of September.

Don’t use multi-accounts — it won’t help you with activities. We carefully check the applications of participants and will weed out bot accounts. Also, do not spam, we do not give points for daily messages such as “gm, hello, lfg”.

We like positive communication, we try to work openly so any ideas and suggestions related to the program and the product. You can always tell us your view and it will be considered and discussed with other ideas.

So, stage 1: know-gearbox QUIZ

So you know what is required and what rules to follow, now it’s time to pass the quiz and expect the results in the next few days. Use the docs and medium to learn more about the protocol and successfully complete the first step.

In case the in-article widget above works poorly, here is the quiz link.

Phase 1 timeline and approximate evaluation time

Please give it a few days for the Discord Bot to be live, and for the first results to be filtered as a batch. Then, POAP upload and the chats will open!

Here is the VIBES specific Discord channel.

BONUS: VIBES Community Program *gleam*

For dessert, we have prepared a little motivation for you. 50,000 GEAR will be divided between 5 participants. Good luck and have fun!


EXTRA: Referral & KOL Program

It’s an outreach program aimed to foster growth and amplification of Gearbox V2: growing the user base, general community & DAO, product awareness, etc. It is not aimed at shilling coins — only the product & the DAO.

The KOLs who are ready to create and share the content — will receive a dedicated referral link to send out along the content pieces. You can use the link separately to increase your referred degens.


If you would like to join — just get involved on Discord. Discuss, research, lead and share. Call contributors out on their bullshit and collaborate on making things better. Here is how you can follow developments:




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