1 Week Down, 5 Left to Go!

The Gearheadz are looking optimistic after the first week of build season.

The week started off with Kickoff Day, some of our members went the official FIRST Kickoff in Manchester and got to see the only built field in the entirety of the world, while the rest of the team held the reigns back at Lawrence High School. Excitement was high coming into this game, considering many of us are gamers, we were hyped to see a FRC game themed around video games.

After we saw the game animation, field, and recieved the kit of parts, we quickly got to work. We begun the week thinking of strategies, what would be the best way to maximize points, when should we use the powerups? We came up with a few basic strategies that we would do, then the thinking process began. For all of the ideas of our robot, we brainstormed, we thought of as many ideas as possible (even outlandish ones) and then made pros and cons for all of our ideas to narrow them down to the ones that would end up on the actual competition bot.

Our first meetings from Kickoff Day, till Thursday consisted of essentially that, brainstorming ideas, making prototypes and just seeing what would work best for us and the robot for this season. Saturday is when we really started to build and manufacture the robot. We started off with our basis (the chassis), and had it essentially completed by the end of Saturday. We also were building some other prototypes for our lifter ideas (to score on the Scale and the Switch).

Brainstorming session for lifter ideas for FIRST POWER UP

All in all, the 1st week of kickoff was a success for the Gearheadz, and we are optimistically looking to our future ahead for the rest of the build season, as well as the competition season. We hope that the rest of the FRC teams are having a fun time like us, and we’d like to formally wish you a good luck on your season!