GearHeadz FLL Qualifier

Stories from our most recent qualifier

Jan 3, 2018 · 2 min read
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The rescheduled FLL event in Leominister was much more fun than I figured it would be. I thought that since there were only 5 of us, I figured much wouldn’t happen. And when Art broke the news that all of us would be referees, my heart dropped. I didn’t know anything about the game and I didn’t even see the whole board set-up before that. Abel was prepared to be referee, so he was all set. Tatyana and Patsy knew much more than I did because they had a sense of what they were getting into. However, I had no idea what to do. I immediately started thinking about getting points wrong and forgetting what each mission did.

First match was the most nerve-wracking, especially for Tatyana and I. But as the day went on, each match became easier and easier. I didn’t forget anything, thankfully. I was also able to meet some cool teams. Some teams had complex contraptions that they switched on and off their robot. One team had players at the table switch so everybody got a chance to do something; their coach was extremely nice and always told them that it’s okay if they don’t win and to just breathe if things don’t go right. It was a little heartbreaking to tell them that they didn’t get a mission because the lever didn’t go down all the way. The end of the day came rather quickly, but my legs almost caved in. It was an amazing event for having been rescheduled at the last minute.

Blog post written by Monica Sim (01/02/18)

Lawrence High School’s Robotics Club

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