We wanted to build the most effortless way to find gear for your next outdoor trip

It has been a year since Daryl and I laid out the idea of Gearmo, a person-to-person outdoor gear marketplace, in our living room. That night, I had just bought a big pile of sticky notes and a small foam board from Staples. We started talking through the idea and pasting stickies on the board. There was an immense excitement in the air. The vague concept was starting to take shape.

That night, which turned into a week of brainstorming, allowed us to lay out our hypothesis.

Outdoor activities require gear that is often expensive, causing some to shy away from investing.

Let’s face it. Outdoor gear can be really expensive, and those who make the jump may not get their money’s worth, if they lack commitment to the activity. The alternative to buying is to rent, but there aren’t many places that offer that. Your best shot is to already know people who can supply you with what you need, but that’s rare and can turn into a scavenger hunt.

Build something great that is useful

We committed to that hypothesis and after a year of hard work, late nights and design + coding sessions at the kitchen table, we built Gearmo — a mobile application that provides a peer-to-peer sharing network for outdoor gear. Our goal with Gearmo is to make the process of listing and searching for gear effortless. When starting this project, we knew that communication would be critical in achieving that goal. Therefore, we set to build an in-app messaging system that our users would love.

Our mission

With all this effort, a bold new mission began to take shape. We will strive to get people into the outdoors by providing them the tools they need through an insanely great user experience.

The journey just begins. We would love it, if you try Gearmo. Please drop us a few lines about your experience. Hearing from our users is the best way to make our product better.

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