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Apple rumored to not include a charger in iPhone 12 || GearNow ||

This episode covers Apple’s decision.

Photo by Melvin Thambi on Unsplash

Welcome everyone to the weekly updates on GearNow.

In this episode, I’ll discuss what I think about Apple’s supposed decision to not include the charger in the box.

Apple has been setting trends in the personal electronic space for a few years now. The most recent and most prominent change was the removal of the headphone jack from the iPhone and forced the entire industry to follow the move. Samsung, who mocked iPhone’s decision for years, finally removed the headphone jack in the Galaxy S20 series.

So why Apple seems to be the one who takes ridiculous measures to remove things which are needed and others cannot think to live without it? The answer is simple. Apple wants to make the next move and lower down the e-waste of the chargers. According to the article published by The Verge, Anker CEO talks about the massive 300,000 tons of e-waste just from these in-box chargers. This alone makes it easy to swallow the next rumored move by Apple.

Gearton Take

There is a factor of to remove the charger for environmental reasons and to minimize the e-waste. However, I believe that their AirPower, an Apple-designed Qi-based charging mat might be near release. This makes sense as well since removing the charger now will make a nice transition for people to get used to the idea of “no ports” iPhone, which is rumored to be the next big step, and with it, they will announce AirPower.

Either way, I am pumped to see Apple come out with such a fantastic phone.

Thank you for reading! Catch you in the next one!



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