How this team is changing the future of mobility

Late in 2011, the founder of Ako had an idea, and with hard work and an amazing team he ended up turning it into reality 8 years later.

Isabela Stoleru
Jul 22, 2019 · 4 min read

Artūras saw the Mercedes Benz Lifejet concept and a few days later came up with an idea on how to make it simpler & way more effective. His vision was clear:

“How the mobility of the future would look like, and how to improve the mobility of overcrowded places”.

But Artūras went further and during this discovery process, he also found an efficient solution for people with disabilities! With these two objectives in mind and a concept of a crazy idea, the brand ended up turning into a sustainable long-term project.

Gebidon team was really curious about this project and because Ako has it´s first prototype and had big plans for the future we thought it was a great time to meet the team. We ended up talking to them and we can be sure that this is not a normal brand.

Q. How you think Ako is going to change mobility?

Of course, bringing a new vehicle to the market does not solve the traffic jam problem, but it gives a good eco-friendly alternative for people. Our goal is not to build another car brand. We are building a vehicle that brings back the thrill of driving. We do this while solving other problems that concern everyday drivers while helping people with disabilities.

“How many drivers, sitting in a traffic jam, have seen the motorcycles maneuvering through the traffic & thought to themselves on how great that would be? But choosing a motorcycle over a car is removing safety, comfort & private space from your daily rides. We are changing that.”

Q. Can you tell us more about disability implementation?

We are developing a solution kit that would allow the disabled people to easily get in the vehicle, transfer all the control elements onto the steering-leaning wheel and bring the driving experience back for them.

Q. What is the first challenge to take this from prototype to established product?

Prototyping, testing, modifying, testing — it all costs a lot, and even though we know how to manage funds effectively, it’s a huge challenge. However, every obstacle for us is just a stepping stone and we are building this because we truly believe in it.

Q. How you see the future of the company?

“We often ask ourserlves “why not?” and make it possible. The whole core-team is incredible.”

Q. What is the top feature?

AKO lets you experience the thrill of riding, something that you experience when you are driving a motorcycle. And combining this experience with a closed roof, two chairs, electric motor, insanely good design & airbags…From a car. It is a synergy with the best of both worlds.

Q. What’s going to surprise people about Ako?

Q. What is the next step for Ako?

With this prototype and 1:1 scale exterior model we aim to land in a few automotive events in 2020 thus gathering even more feedback from the test-users, media, and potential investors.


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We challenge the established to create future-proof solutions and opportunities that disrupt companies and society.