Welcome to the Geek Empire

Geeks inherited the earth. Let’s talk about it.

Hello ladies and gentlemen! This is Medium’s collection dedicated to movies, comics, music, pulp and any other bits of culture that catch our attention. Everything you find in this collection will be fueled by love. Not the love of the creators, but the love of readers and watchers and listeners. It is that specific kind of love that makes us want to talk and theorize and flat out gush around the water cooler, over dinner or wherever friends gather. It is a shared universe out there.

Who am I? I am Stu Horvath. I run a site called Unwinnable, write for a bunch of places like Wired and Paste and, now, I shall be your humble curator of geek culture content here at Medium. I will also be running a second collection called Play Time that will cover videogames, board games and every other kind of game. Be sure to check that out as well.

I am looking for stories that are current without being newsy, analytical without being reviews and grounded in personal experience without being the sort of creative non-fiction that is the Unwinnable specialty.

So, enough about me, let’s talk about stuff. Who has seen Iron Man 3? How about that twist, huh?

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