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The new Fantastic Four

Interesting day in the world of entertainment, so let’s walk through a few highlights:

  • Director Paul Feig announced via Twitter that he has finalized the cast of his all-female Ghostbusters reboot. And, should everyone sign on (as they’re all expected to) it could be GREAT! While purists may balk at the very idea, I think seeing Melissa McCarthy (Bridesmaids, The Heat), Kristen Wiig (The Skeleton Twins), Kate McKinnon (SNL) and Leslie Jones (SNL) strap on proton packs will be incredibly fun.
  • Netflix’s upcoming A.K.A. Jessica Jones starring Krysten Ritter (Don’t trust the B — — in Apt. 23) has found it’s villainous Purple Man — David Tennant!! The former Doctor Who star will play the baddie in the late 2015 Marvel series about a former superhero (Ritter) who solves crimes and helps people victimized by the superpowered in New York. The series will take place in the same universe as the Marvel Studios tentpoles as well as television’s Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Netflix’s upcoming Daredevil series. In some versions of the character, the erstwhile Spiderwoman is a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent so the potential for crossover is tantalizing.
  • this morning reported that Disney is considering Chris Pratt for a reboot of the Indiana Jones franchise. The rumor is he will be assuming the iconic role made famous by Harrison Ford (as opposed to the abomination embodied by Shia LeBeouf). Disney secured the rights to the character in 2013 and with their Marvel properties soaring and their Lucasfilms acquisition about to bring about a new age of Star Wars the timing does seem right for them to attempt to jump start another beloved series. Pratt is ridiculously likable and as proven by Guardians of the Galaxy can more than carry his own film. We’ll see how he handles the stress of an uber franchise when he next appear in this summer’s Jurassic World.
  • Finally 20th Century Fox dropped the first teaser for the upcoming reboot of The Fantastic Four this morning and fans eagerly dissected the first footage of the enigmatic movie. Besides the cast, director Josh Trank and writer Simon Kinberg have revealed very little about the movie which is set to open this summer. The trailer (below) shows a very different team than their last on screen adventure, 2007’s Fantastic 4: The Rise of the Silver Surfer. This reboot of the series will reportedly more closely follow the events in Marvel’s Ultimate Fantastic Four series rather than the origins we all know (the Ultimate line is Marvel Comic’s series of books that revamp, upgrade, or wholly alter the established histories of their iconic characters in an attempt to lure new readers. Their version of X-Men for example features a gay Colossus.) which could be good or bad. It looks cool, but Trank’s description of the film as being “Cronenberg-esque” makes me very nervous.
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