Trakt — Stalk my views! If you know me personally you have already heard me expound endlessly about this service but I want to advertise it here for all to see.

Once you have a Trakt account, you can use it to track (see what they did there?) your viewing. TV or movies, it’s all there. Mark it watched and the system stores it for you. Why is this amazing? Well if you’re like me, once you mark everything you can think of watched or owned, Trakt will tell you which episode is next for you. Trakt will also tell you when the next episode airs AND you can create watchlists of what you want to check out (a feature I have made my bitch, let me tell you!) Like Goodreads but for TV and movies. And, if you forget a show for a long time you can easily look it up and got right back to where you left off! If you have an HTPC, you can scrobble (check in) as you watch to mark things watched. And, if you use any of the many iOS, Android (my go to is Cathode), or Windows Phone apps you can mark things from your phone, perfect for watchlisting a movie that see see a trailer for and don’t want to forget about. It’s even better for Fall shows as you can add the new show to your watchlist and it will appear on your Trakt calendar (or on your apps) when it’s about to air so you don’t forget that cool new show you wanted to check out but forgot to add to the DVR in the 2 week window before it airs (Just me that does that?). It’s honestly just the best thing on the internet for TV and movie freaks!

If you decide to utilize this service, it’s free!, feel free to click the banner to the right and follow me! I get nothing from this other than the joy of “social media” but if you find you love Trakt, you can always donate to their #KaleForJustin campaign to support the site, a 3 person operation (all data is open source from TVDb, IMDb, and TMDb which can create some difficulty in finding some shows but it is usually not a problem) that run this rad site that has changed my viewing habits enormously.

**Note** When you mark something watched on Trakt, it assumes you just watched it, and going back and changing the watched date is kind of a pain, if you’re really obsessive about your history, this is something to be aware of.**

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