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Arwa Lokhandwala

Mar 25, 2018

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Your one stop solution for Javascript & ReactJS is here !!!!

Do you want to learn Javascript but you are lost from where to start or Do you wish to up your skills in Javascript or ReactJS but you are frustrated with visiting a plethora of tutorials available?

We have something to your rescue

Isn’t it great to have everything in one place at your disposal !!!

But what exactly is Geekabyte all about ?

We all remember our days in college where a group study before the exams used to be 100 times more beneficial than studying alone….This is the basic concept behind Geekabyte, to learn technologies together. Geekabyte is a brainchild of Manjula Dube and few other people, together who want to make learning new technology fun and easy for you.

What exactly will you learn ?

Below are a few things that you will be learning by attending this workshop.

  • ReactJS — Behind the scenes (Virtual DOM, Reconciliation algorithm etc)
  • Do and Don’t while writing ReactJS applications.
  • Building Single Page Applications (SPA) using ReactJS & Redux.
  • Power of building composable components.
  • Experience using the React toolchain (NPM, Babel, Webpack etc)

Can you tell me more about the topics covered in the workshop?

Sure, The following are the topics that we will cover in the workshop series.

JavaScript Series:

  1. Scoping
  2. Hoisting
  3. Closures
  4. Behaviour Delegation
  5. Prototypes & Inheritance
  6. Asynchronous programming
  7. Promises

ReactJS Series:

  1. Introduction to ReactJS
  2. VDOM and its importance
  3. Reconciliation algorithm
  4. Stateless Components
  5. Props & State
  6. Lifecycle Methods

Are you super thrilled and want to attend one of the workshop ??

You can email us at and we would be happy to help you !!

Geekabyte is all about learning technologies together