10 Biggest Updates at Microsoft Event

The largest additions to the Microsoft 365 experience

Francesco D'Alessio
Jul 20 · 3 min read

1. Fluid Components

  • A new way to create “live” documents in Microsoft products
  • Create them and then share them with a link for others to edit in real-time
  • Real-time editing means you can share anywhere, and edit in one
  • Perfect for teams in Microsoft Teams and Outlook
  • Embeddable for editing without opening

2. Upgraded Outlook Boards

  • You can now embed live components into Boards
  • Boards is a place to manage all types of elements in one place
  • Outlook boards continues to grow with the ability to pin

3. Agenda for Meetings

  • New ways to take notes for meetings, in live components
  • You can also extend a note using OneNote
  • These agendas and meeting notes can be embedded into Microsoft Teams meetings in real-time too, perfect for collaborating together

4. Meeting Layouts

  • Layouts of meetings have been improved
  • You can now see remote attendees to meetings more front and center
  • This helps to improve the way you have meetings for both office and remote staff — better hybrid blending
  • You can add more live components to any team meeting

5. Gallery View

  • Perfect for in-office and remote situations
  • If your team/office has two PCs or TVs — you can now split people evenly on both screens — perfect for maximising real-estate.

6. Hardware Upgrades

  • Improvements to camera technology for meetings
  • Microsoft have released an array of new releases to help meetings become more fluid and smooth
  • A new “Facebook Portal” like camera helps to track people and zoom closer, to make you feel as you were in the meetings from remote

7. Together Mode

  • Improved cinema and board meeting cut-outs are available
  • Microsoft aiming to make meetings more personal with this addition

8. Whiteboard

  • Microsoft take on Miro with this new Whiteboard upgrades
  • Perfect for experiencing diagrams, notes and wireframing in real-time
  • Members can edit and add their own elements to this too
  • You can add live components to edit too
  • They have also added template abilities too

9. Recaps

  • Meeting recaps have now become easier
  • An attendee who missed a meeting, depending on your MS365 plan, can now see a recap and overview of what happened, key notes and even a full recording of the meeting if detail needs to be increased.

10. Focus Time

  • Microsoft have partnered with Headspace further to add meditations, breakout sessions and education about focus at work
  • A new pomodoro type mode will be added allowing folks to focus and set time in their calendar as to not damage it with meetings

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