10 Surprising Resources I visit Weekly To Stay on the Cutting Edge of the Data World.

If you ever get bored of mediums’ data content, these places are where you’ll get the exciting stuff.

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Nowadays data content is everywhere, medium, Twitter or substack. If you want to know what the accepted knowledge is, you should continue to read all of these. But if you want to know what the topics of tomorrow are, you need to step outside.

Zhamak Dehghani did not publish her groundbreaking Data Mesh monograph on medium, and I haven’t seen her advertising it on Twitter. It was there, off the mainstream, for almost a year before Twitter, medium and other publications picked it up.

This is my list of places where I look to find this exact content, the stuff that will be on medium in a year. My top 10 surprising data content resources.

1. The lakeFS blog

Einat Orr and Oz Katz, the founders of treeverse, build a data versioning solution. Something that’s pretty new inside the dataspace and not yet accepted best practice at all.

Both of them bring years of experience and cutting-edge knowledge combined with experience in the software engineering domain.

And from time to time, they pour this cutting-edge knowledge into the lakeFS blog, combining their grand vision for the data space, their software engineering knowledge, and their data expertise into one.

I keep a watch out for all articles by the two and from Paul Singman, their evangelist. They cover things like smoke testing data, doing chaos engineering with data, data lake architectures, and much more.

Caveat: It is a company blog, so you do need to “filter out” the sales parts and the advertising, but I have found a lot of nuggets on their blog.

Pictue of the lakeFS blog. Highlighted are the two company founders as authors, and two insightful articles.

2. Thoughtworks, Martin Fowler & the Tech Radar

All of these three sources are inside the ThoughtWorks orbit and contain well-founded cutting-edge content. I…



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