3 AI Writing Tools for…Writers

Debbie Chia
Geek Culture
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5 min readMar 14, 2023


Neat AI assistants for the new-age generative writer

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With OpenAI’s GPT (and soon GPT-4) finally released as a user-friendly Chat-GPT interface, writers like myself have had to reckon with the existential threat of AI taking over our jobs. From translation to technical writing, from content to copywriting, AI seems to be able to do a good-enough job at covering the bases. Overall, I would grade AI output as a solid “B”.

It’s clear that AI positively shines in some areas, such as performing basic research. In other areas such as original thought or insight, it is still however disappointingly lacklustre, with some ways to go.

For the foreseeable future, I don’t see AI replacing writings such as:

  • A CEO’s foreword
  • A lawyer’s closing statement
  • Opinion ed pieces
  • Political rally speeches
  • Eulogies

I mean it can, but our social immune system would probably expel such invasiveness. It is true that humans already use other humans as proxies for such writings though, so where will the lines be drawn with AI?

As someone who generally leans into technology, AI has been a great writing assistant. It certainly has its flaws, and I would never publish something written by AI…