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5 best Mailchimp journeys that make use of an Embedded iPaaS solution

Integrate with MailChimp using Quickwork to connect your customers and assist them in reaching and engaging with their audiences. As well as increasing their business chances to assist them attain their goals faster. Connect your SaaS to MailChimp to assist your clients in expanding their marketing reach and potential.

How can Mailchimp integrations help you empower customers?

Get rid of your backlog. Make use of integrated integrations.

Quickwork allows your clients to connect to any API graphically. All of this with zero lines of code.

Easily sync and change data

Your customers use a variety of applications. Allow them to sync the data with a No-Code solution and alter it as they go.

Connect your favourite app from the available 1000+ applications.

The era of developing and maintaining APIs has passed. Implement connections in a matter of days and provide your customers access to a library of ready-to-use connectors.

Mailchimp Workflow Triggers & Actions

Let’s take a glance at the top 5 Mailchimp journeys that use Quickwork.

Facebook — Mailchimp:

Add fresh Facebook Lead Ad leads to your Mailchimp list.

Typeform — Mailchimp:

Subscribers to Mailchimp may be generated from fresh Typeform answers.

Hubspot — Mailchimp:

New Mailchimp subscribers will be used to create or update HubSpot contacts.

Google Sheets — Mailchimp:

Subscribers for new Google Sheets rows should be added to Mailchimp.

ActiveCampaign — Mailchimp:

Subscribers from new Mailchimp lists will be added to ActiveCampaign contacts.

While iPaaS allows organisations to handle internal integration issues, Embedded iPaaS is designed towards SaaS suppliers that wish to integrate and automate workflows within their products.

Furthermore, some Embedded iPaaS provide ready-to-use and stunning UI widgets that quickly make your product seem better and more complex!



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