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5 Modern-Day Achievements That Prove We Live Exciting Times

Are they going unnoticed?

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The modern-day human has more than could ever be imagined a thousand years ago. We have a life expectancy like there was never before in our history, despite the fact that it has been slightly reduced by the global pandemic. Modern man is many times taking everything for granted and fails to appreciate things as they should be.

We see what is worst in our society. It is like all the things that before were considered the misery of the society is now mainstream and promoted as a lifestyle. We see it in the news. I don’t want to be dramatic, but I believe there are so many things that we could be excited about, and it’s like they are going unnoticed.

We have many notable achievements as a society. Here are 5 of the most exciting:

We have cryptocurrencies and they reach new highs!

Because of cryptocurrencies, we live in crazy times. I am on various cryptocurrency investment groups on social media and I am an investor myself. If you are not, you may be missing out.

I see people investing in various coins, trying to become rich. It is exciting that we have this possibility, even if it involves high risks, caused by high volatility.

In 2021, we are again in a bull run and cryptocurrencies could reach new all-time highs, proving once again that they are here to stay. The average individual has an easy way to get rich, with the proper investment.

We are sending people to Mars for colonizing it!

The space race has started again. People like Elon Musk and Richard Branson have given us hope that we can continue the journey of space discovery started by Buzz Aldrin and his crewmates when they went to the Moon in 1959.

I watched a documentary about the Moon landing. It seemed to me that people back then were much more excited about going into space as an achievement for humankind. That event didn’t get unnoticed, because there were not as many distractions as they are today.

Elon Musk has presented in the last years the exact plan for mars colonization by 2050, estimating that a million people will live on Mars by then. We should be excited about it, because it seems that, there actually is a planet B!

We have self-driving electric cars and flying cars!

Self-driving cars are now possible and this is really amazing. As they advance, they could help us lower the probability of accidents. Tesla is making electric self-driving cars, but other companies will follow.

We have waited for flying cars for more than half a century. They are here now, as batteries necessary for powering them are becoming lighter and more efficient. Different companies are already competing for constructing the most viable prototypes.

In 2021, a prototype electric flying car was tested and was able to fly for 35 minutes between two international airports.

We are building quantum computers and they are super-efficient!

Quantum computers are not available for anyone and who knows if they ever will be used by the general public. A solution will be found for sure. Big players are already involved in the production and use of quantum computers, such as Google, IBM, and Microsoft.

These computers use photons instead of transistors to allow or disallow the flow of electrons, having a huge advantage over classical computers because they are a lot more efficient.

We are creating human-like robots and they may work for us!

Soon, we will see robots everywhere. Companies like Hanson Robotics and Honda are making this possible. From television presenters to factory workers and housekeepers, there will be many jobs replaced by robots.

The most advanced human-like robot until now is Sophia, also made by Hanson Robotics. Sophia is a combination of AI and a human-like appearance and voice. There were many conferences already presenting Sophia. It was difficult not to notice this. Honda is producing another great robot that is already very popular, Asimo.

I used “we” in every introduction, because, regardless of who is pulling the strings, humanity as a whole is ripping the benefits. For some people, these exciting events may go unnoticed, because these things are out of their radar. For others, they may seem conspiracies, as the inventions could be instruments for controlling the world. There are also others that are embracing these things and realizing how exciting the times we live in can be.



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