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5 Reasons Why XRP Will Crush the Crypto War

And Why Governments Want a Piece of the Pie

International Adoption of XRP

I want to take a moment to thank my readers for their amazing support. I do my best to understand complex topics that are underreported and put them into writing in an attempt to bring value to my readers!

So again, I thank you! You are the reason I do what I do.

Without further adieu let’s get to discussing my favorite and number one Cryptocurrency : Ripple (XRP)

These are the Top 5 Reasons I advise adding XRP to your portfolio.

Reason 1 — Legal Precedence

IMF looking to use XRP as a “Reserve Currency”

Ripple Labs has been working for years with large financial players and banks acting to support both payment and settlement using their token XRP.

Their company is the only player to service banks with the settlement of funds, which puts their token, XRP, far ahead of most currencies when scored on the basis of utility.

The coin has recently been named as a “Reserve Currency” at the bank of England. The IMF, as well as many other world banks, aim to use Ripples Lab’s token XRP as form of legal tender. This status of cryptocurrency is now being called a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC).

XRP allows financial institutions to skip the routing of their payments through multiple subsidiary banks and henceforth saves them loads of money in transaction costs.

They achieve this by sending and settling transactions quickly and directly on the Ripple Labs blockchain (RippleNet). This saves banks money and allows them to compete with other banks for their fair share of the remittance market while also lessening the liquidity requirement needed for transfers.

I want to highlight that these are big players moving around XRP. Check out this recent Whale Alert. The utility of XRP is demonstrated by the frequent trusting of the XRP network to move around billions of dollars!

XRP Whale Alert Posted June 12, 2021 on Twitter

But … “What about the SEC Lawsuit?”

SEC vs Ripple Labs

The SEC has always and will always be involved in shady activity as it pertains to the free exchange of money within the US. The current Lawsuit brought up against Ripple’s CEO, Brad Garlinghouse, with his alleged sale of illegal XRP securities, is complete bogus!

In order for XRP to have been an illegal security the company, Ripple Labs, would have needed to know that its product, XRP, was being deemed a security. The SEC did not give fair notice and has not made any statement on the record claiming that XRP is, in fact, a security. The SEC only mentioned that it fails the decades old test to determine whether something is a security, The Howey Test, and refer in their legal arguments to previous initial coin offering suits (ICO) and case law.

The SEC refuses to acknowledge the utility of XRP and has caused the company and the holders of its currency millions of dollars.

Ultimately, I believe this case will result in a settlement and bring an overall increase to the valuation of the XRP coin.

Gary Gensler, the new chairman of the SEC, has not given his comments on the lawsuit but, with his technical background, should provide some clarity to the suit.

Ideally the case will be settled, XRP will be relisted on US exchanges, and the SEC will focus on providing useful regulation that will provide the country the ability to innovate and compete within the space.

Reason 2 — Decentralization

Fact or Fiction? XRP is Centralized

One of the biggest misconceptions in the crypto community is that ripple has one central party that has the authority to make structural changes to the blockchain. I have read countless articles claiming that Ripple Labs has the ability to issue more XRP, or make any other changes to the code.

XRP code is open source and does not allow for the creation of new ripple. The transaction rules are written into the code. The protocol includes the distribution and supply of XRP, which is hard capped.

Currently Ripple owns about 60 billion XRP, which is about 60 percent of all XRP that will ever be in existence. They currently have about 35 billion XRP locked up in escrow accounts and deploy 1 billion XRP per month into circulation.

Governance is determined by the validators on the network. Each validator represents a stakeholder of XRP and help to make any changes that may be needed to the network. Currently XRP has the most validators of any blockchain, which also happen to be the most geographically diverse.

What does this mean for XRP?

It means that XRP is completely decentralized and controlled by its validators.


Reason 3 — Utility

When analyzing the different use cases of cryptocurrencies I tend to evaluate them on three different criteria : Efficiency, Sustainability, Application.


The efficiency of a crypto can be summarized in the amount of transactions the network can handle per second. XRP was built to scale the amount of transactions as more nodes are added to the network. Currently XRP can handle about 1,500 transaction per second (TPS), which is significant when compared to BTC’s 7 TPS and ETH’s 20 TPS.

Transactions Per Second: Comparative Analysis


“XRP was designed with Sustainability in mind.” — David Schwartz

Most currencies that are supplied today, whether it be BTC of the US dollar, are not environmentally friendly.

The BTC consensus mechanism, “Proof of Work”, requires massive amounts of computational power to validate transactions on the network. There is a study that shows that the energy required to mine BTC exceeds the entire power output of Ireland!

You may be thinking, there has to be a better way!

Fortunately, there are many other consensus mechanisms that have little impact on the environment around us.

XRP uses a distributed agreement protocol to verify transactions and is considered “green” and sustainable. In addition, all the XRP that will ever be in existence have already been created, which negates the need to use energy to “mine” XRP into the network.


As stated earlier, the primary client for XRP are large financial institutions and banks. XRP is spending the necessary time to develop their products with their needs in mind.

This is where Ripple’s xVia solution really takes the cake. It was designed to simplify payments across RippleNet without the need to install additional software. The xVia solution gives clients the ability of instant settlement and confirmation of their XRP transfers, as well as competitive FX rates.

Take a look below at RippleNet’s active partners!

Reason 4 — Technical Analysis

Because Ripple is still involved in a lawsuit with the SEC many of the US exchanges have delisted XRP as a way to mitigate their legal risk. I believe this has presented a unique buying opportunity. The truth of the matter is that XRP will live on no matter the result of the suit.

The suit has managed to suppress the coins value while also making it hard to acquire. Many other Alt Coins are way past their all time highs from 2018 while XRP remains well below its all time high of 3.31.

If the lawsuit is quickly settled I can see XRP surpassing its all time high and may even reach the $5+ range. I personally am adding more XRP to my portfolio every time it goes under a dollar and expect a surge in price once we get closer to a legal resolution. The only US exchange that I know of that has XRP listed is Uphold. If you would like to make an account on that platform, you may go here.

Reason 5 — Community

The XRP Community

My absolute favorite part of XRP, is the fantastic community that drives it. The development team at XRP has always been very open with the community sharing next steps of the roadmap as well as involving its users in decisions.

The community encourages developers to build on the Ripple blockchain and are constantly looking for corporate partners that could benefit from RippleNet’s products.

I am excited for the future of XRP and encourage everyone to take a deeper look into this currency. I don’t think it will be long before this coin blows past its all time highs and is regarded as the #1 cryptocurrency!

Thanks again to all my readers. I hope you have a fantastic start to your post pandemic summer!

- Josef S Loffler



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