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5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in a VPN.

A VPN, or virtual private network, is a service that encrypts our connection to the internet. This means we are protected from hackers, spyware, and other malicious entities who may be listening in on our every move.

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The VPN also routes your traffic through various server locations around the world so it appears that you are connecting to a server in your home country but actually connecting to one where you intended to.

Now that we’re over what VPN is and start with why should invest in one!

# Reason 1 — Security & Privacy

The more time you spend on the Internet, the more trail of data you leave behind yourself, and big tech giants are just after that. Your data acts like a magnet that attracts hackers, and big corporations because, well, data is money. Hackers might seem like an exaggeration to normal people, but then normal people also have to deal with stalkers which, I think, is a very serious issue.

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Coming to the corporations, that have their business model built around ad revenue, they like to keep the smallest detail of your activity with themselves. “Why?”, you ask. Because that creates a horrifyingly accurate profile that helps these corporations keep track of your buying habits, to the extent that they can predict the right time to hit you with a certain advertisement.

Now, investing in a VPN won’t help you avoid this entirely. You will, still, leave data as you surf but now that data can’t be linked back to you. For others that data would be random gibberish that no company wants or holds.

#Reason 2 — Big Time Public Wi-Fi User

According to a study conducted by the Kaspersky Security Network, nearly a quarter of the world’s public Wi-Fi hotspots don’t use any kind of encryption.

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So, I’ll go right off the bat and tell you to get yourself a VPN if you find yourself using public Wi-Fi way too often. Any intruder could be using this opportunity to snoop on your connections and even hi-jacking and manipulating the messages with a harmful purpose or even just messing with you.

#Reason 3 — Free VPNs, Not Good!

Nothing in this world comes for free. And, if it’s free you’re the product! The company is earning from you one way or another. A company providing VPN for free could be logging the traffic and then sending the data to the big dogs. Or, selling your E-mail ID’s to different merchants that will eventually advertise their products spam your inbox.

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So, until and unless you’ve set up the VPN yourself or is open-source, any third-party VPN providing the service for Free is literally far worse than having any.

So, invest in a VPN so that the objective of using a VPN is justified.

As you may know that VPN’s affect the internet speed as the traffic has to take cover distance and being routed from different servers. The streaming experience over these free VPNs are not good either, low-quality streaming and buffering due to less bandwidth.

A premium VPN service makes sure that the connection established between your device and the server is fast, has the least latency possible, and is secure.

#Reason 4 — Removes Any Geo-Restrictions

Many eCommerce platform have different price rates for different demographics, and the differences can be pretty huge. Getting a VPN can help you save some bucks from those differences.

Many OTT platforms like Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+ serve different content to different part of the audience based on where you are logged in. A VPN will help you eradicate that content difference and serve you with that region’s content.

I wrote a story on it too, and how to combat with the content differences. You should totally give it a read.

#Reason 5 — In sync with your Home, Office Network

The reason why VPNs were developed in the first place was to have a secured and fast remote connection to different systems in different branches across the world.

In early times, when big tech companies expanded across different parts of the world, managing data wasn’t easy, and travelling from one branch to another costed a ton of money and time. Microsoft’s employee came up with this invention which we know as VPN, this changed the way employees used to connect to the devices. Now, getting into a network was easier than ever.

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The employees were using VPN to connect to their office system throughout this whole pandemic. This is what kept these company running. If you’re one of the person that needs this kind of connection on the air while travelling. Getting a VPN would be your best shot setting up the connection combined with remote management would be your best shot.

Now, I know what you’re probably thinking, “There are so many choices, which one should I go for?” Let me help you with that. I personally use Surfshark VPN, it provides bang for the buck service, it is fast, flexible, they have got amazing customer support, and more importantly affordable. It is literally $2.49/month (₹200) which is used by four family members in my house bringing down the cost to $0.62/person (₹50). I’d say that’s pretty pocket-friendly. Right now, you can get 81% discount if you subscribe to their service now.

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Well, this was it. I hope it was informative and that you found it helpful. I’m not part of the Medium Partner Program, so this support could really help me or you could consider tipping me if you like my content.

Thanks for your time!

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