6 ChatGPT mind-blowing extensions to use it anywhere

And how to make make ChatGPT our daily assistant using them

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4 min readDec 23, 2022


Image generated by Dalle-E AI image generator, simulating a person talking with a robot.
Image generated by Dall-E. AI powered image generator

Today, I want to demystify ChatGPT — a fascinating new AI application that has been recently released and is generating a lot of buzz. It is an AI chatbot developed by OpenAI that specializes in dialogue and its main goal is to make AI systems more natural to interact with — and it literally knows everything!

I am pretty sure you have already given it a shot… Am I right?

However, today I want to talk about different ways to enhance our interaction with this brand-new tool.

The internet has already been flooded with new tools and extensions powered by this freshly launched service that can make our daily tasks way easier and improve our final output.

This is why I summarize here 6 tools that can make ChatGPT your daily assistant or even go beyond that!

#1. Use ChatGPT anywhere — Google Chrome Extension

Do you want to use ChatGPT anywhere with ease? Today is your lucky day, there is a great Chrome extension you can use to write tweets, check emails, find code bugs… literally, anything you can imagine!

Gif that shows how ChatGPT can help you write a tweet.
Chrome extension owner screenshot.

#2. Combining ChatGPT with search engines

If you would rather integrate ChatGPT in your usual search engine, so you have direct answers without having to use its own interface, you can do so as well!

You just need to add this extension for both Chrome and Firefox to obtain direct ChatGPT responses directly in your google searches.

Image that shows how a Chrome extension allows you to have integrated ChatGPT answers in your Google search engine.
Screenshot from the extension github.

If you would rather visit a pre-integrated searching engine, you can check this searching engine that combines both OpenAI ChatGPT and Bing to answer directly your questions.



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