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7 Best Laravel Development Courses for web developers

Laravel Development Courses

Table of Content

  1. Overview of Laravel Development
  2. List of Top 7 Laravel Development Courses for web developers
  3. Final Words

Overview of Laravel development

If you want to get better results in web development, then Laravel is the perfect choice for you. Because this PHP framework offers a wide range of resources and tools to develop applications. In fact, Laravel development also assures effective web development with a variety of tools.

If you are a web developer that wants to simplify their web development process, then the Laravel framework is just the right technology to make your code clean and reusable. The rich features and the flexibility of the framework that only a few development technologies possess make Laravel one of the greatest platforms to develop the website and online applications.


Laravel usage market share


List of Top 7 Laravel Development Courses for web developers

1. Laravel 6 Starter Course

If you want to learn Laravel quickly, then this course is the perfect pick for you. The Laravel 6 starter course will teach you how to use the Laravel development platform. After you complete the course, you receive a certificate of completion that you can download.

Every beginner has a dream of learning skills from the best in the field, and Muhamad Saprudin is one of those experts. He is a full-stack web developer and an instructor. He taught the Laravel 6 starter course on the make the Udemy platform. Thousands of creative people have already signed up for this class and benefitted largely from it.

Skills you will learn from this course:

  • Learn the fundamental concepts of Laravel
  • Know how to build a dynamic website through template transformation using Laravel
  • Understand essential features such as database migration, eloquent, and views
  • Be familiar with the controller, routing, authentication, and query scopes
  • Build your effective web application through practice projects
  • The students with the basic knowledge in HTML and PHP or people with a genuine interest in learning Laravel or a Laravel developer that wants to increase their knowledge about the technology are perfectly suited for this class and can sign up for the same.
  • The duration of the entire course in total would be approximately 13 hours. Hence, after 13 hours of training, you are ready to go out into the world and build your Laravel projects.

2. PHP with Laravel for beginners — Become a Master in Laravel — Udemy

PHP Laravel for beginners — become a master in Laravel is a course presented by Udemy for the people that yearn to become masters in Laravel by starting from basics. This course includes teaching students everything from basics like routes, controllers, and views to advanced level concepts like database, middleware, and CRUD operation.

This is one of the best-seller courses on Udemy. But if you are considering signing up for this course, you must have basic training in PHP object-oriented programming. This is also a large course as the video training content is forty-three hours long. In these videos, all the aspects of Laravel development are explained very nicely and with great clarity.

They offer additional information about some extra features you could use in your Laravel project. The course can also guide you through the latest versions of the Laravel framework. If you can spare enough time to obtain expertise in this Laravel web development then you must pursue this course.

3. Laravel 5 Essential Training: 1 The Basics Online Class | LinkedIn Learning, formerly

Laravel works through a concept called a Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture. This course is brought to you by LinkedIn Learning which covers all the basic concepts of the Laravel development framework. After getting trained from this course, you will be capable of creating a real-world PHP application.

A DevOps engineer from Apple named Bernardo Pineda gives this Laravel 5 Essential basic training through an online class on the LinkedIn Learning platform. And you must know that by now, over 18000 students have already enrolled and gained advantages through this online course.

Skills you would learn from this course:

  • Learn the basic concepts of the Laravel framework
  • Understand essential features such as MVC architecture and simple database integration
  • Be familiar with bootstrap components with service providers
  • Discover tools in web development like routing to controllers
  • Master dependency injection, blade templates, views, form creation, and form validation
  • Build your own scalable and high-quality Php application.

If you or anyone else wants to get more in-depth knowledge or want to be clear on their basics, then this course is perfect for you. It is aimed specifically at using PHP and MVC for effective Laravel web app development. And the best thing? The course is only 3 hours long. Just imagine that within three hours, you will be ready to build a real PHP app.

4. Mastering Laravel PHP for Beginners and Intermediate

If you want to learn Laravel as quickly as possible, then you need to pick this course up. It is the perfect option for a beginner or an intermediary level and wants to master this PHP framework. And finally, when you complete the course, you will get an online certificate.

Udemy provides the platform to the web developer and instructor Piotr Jura to teach the Mastering Laravel PHP for beginners and intermediate courses. And it is important to note that more than 4000 students have already enrolled in these online training classes. Also, the duration of this course is approximately 31 hours.

Skills you will learn from this course:

  • Learn effective tools and modern techniques in web development through Laravel
  • Understand the basic concepts of PHP
  • Develop essential learning about the Symphony framework
  • Build an effective and efficient web application using Laravel PHP

5. Projects in Laravel: Learn Laravel Building 10 Projects

This is a kind of course for those people who like to learn things practically. Projects in Laravel: Learn Laravel Building 10 Projects means you will learn Laravel in this course by working on ten different projects.

It may sound like a complex course, but it is pretty simple. It starts with a simple project where you will be given a to-do list. After you write that off, you will move on to the next project, where you have to build a basic Laravel website. Similarly, the course will gradually take you to another level after you complete the previous one.

As you progress in the course, you will get to work on the photo gallery, REST API, and finally, complete the course by working on the most advanced-level projects like the VueJS contact manager and Backpack website with admin area.

But if you want to get enrolled in this Laravel course, you must have basic knowledge regarding PHP, HTML, and JavaScript. This course is precious because it focuses on teaching the Laravel framework and other relevant important concepts like front-end development and API integration. If you are good with the basics of PHP, you can also opt for this course as it gives you a better understanding and training for intermediary level.

6. LEARNING PATH: Laravel: Complete Guide to Laravel

Now learn Laravel right from scratch with the help of this course on Udemy. It can teach you everything from basic and essential concepts to developing simple to advanced web applications. You will also get a certificate of course completion in the end.

Packet Publishing, a publisher of Tech Knowledge in Motion, is offering the Learning Path — Laravel: a complete guide to Laravel on the Udemy platform. And by now, over 1000 students are registered as enrolled for this course.

Skills you will have after you complete this course:

  • Learn the essential features of Laravel in web development
  • Know how to build an online forum by using routes and connecting databases
  • Build an effective authentication system
  • Discover tools and techniques in customizing and redesigning existing PHP apps

This is a beginners course and is specifically designed for people that want to create Laravel web applications. Also, the duration of this course is seventeen hours.

7. Laravel — The complete guide with real-world projects

It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner in PHP or Laravel framework or an expert. Laravel 2021 — A complete guide with real-world projects is the course for everyone on the Udemy platform. The course covers real-world projects where the students can start working on some simple projects and then gradually moving on to the complex and advanced level projects. This is also a course for the ones that love to learn practically.

The basic requirement to get enrolled in this project is that the student must know object-oriented programming in PHP and PHP composer.

This complete guide to Laravel consists of four projects: a blog, a task application, and a complete forum. The projects in this Laravel course are taught in an exciting way, whereas the instructor also gives you regular updates on the course at some intervals.

Final words

I hope you have enjoyed reading the article on the top 7 Laravel development courses for web developers. You can sign in to one or more courses depending on your needs or the knowledge you want to acquire. We wish you all the luck and a lot of fun studying the Laravel development course. If you like this list or think that we have forgotten something, please let us know by sharing it in the comments section.




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