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7 Reasons Why A Mobile Application Is Significant To Your ECommerce Business

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Think about what your business could do with the sky as its limit. The ever-expanding eCommerce industry is proof that people are shopping more than ever before, and you can reach them from anywhere on any device — but not all devices will bring about an equal level of success.

Recent studies show that 96% of adults in America own a mobile phone (including 81% who own smartphones). This being said, it’s important to make sure they have access to your website or app via their preferred platform, so you don’t miss out!

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The sky’s the limit for eCommerce businesses these days; according to one study by Pew Research Center, 97% of internet users around the world reported purchasing something online last year alone.

Mobile commerce has been steadily gaining popularity over recent years due largely to advancements in technology such as touchscreen screens which mimic an experience similar to browsing websites through a computer browser but useless data storage. You must be wondering why to implement

#1. Shoppers Are Preferring To Browse Products On Mobile App

Mobile applications are vastly more convenient than mobile browsers for shopping purposes, especially when making a one-off visit to an ecommerce site. 78% of those interviewed said they would rather use the app over browsing through their phone’s browser window!

This preference is not surprising: with apps such as Uber or Seamless installed on your device, you can easily order food without having to go through many steps and wait in line. With these kinds of conveniences (plus no risk that information will be compromised).

It’s simple to see why so many people now prefer using mobile apps instead of just visiting the website via a web address from within their internet browser applications like Chrome or Safari. Moreover, eCommerce developers are also increasingly approached by business owners.

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#2. Mobile Ecommerce App Strengthen Customer Loyalty

You can capture even more of your customer’s loyalty with a mobile app. Even if they just download it to check out what you have, customers are inclined to come back and use the features that will help them make purchases in the future — such as checking their order history or setting up alerts for an upcoming sale on one of their favorite items.

And because people spend three times longer using apps than looking at sites from work computers, phones, tablets, or any other device we carry around these days, this time spent is intentional and not wasted surfing through pages when really all visitors wanted was contact information!

#3. Reduce Response Time

Apps are faster than websites; that’s the reason eCommerce app development is sought-after. Apps store their data partially on a mobile device, and as such, they download ten times less information from the server when compared to web browsers that have to retrieve all of this info in one go.

This means apps complete actions much more quickly because there is far less waiting time needed for loading screens or other delays like those experienced with traditional computers or laptops. The new app makes it possible for users to streamline their experience and save time. The user can set a default preference in the settings of an application, which then loads only relevant content.

This lets customers be more proactive, so they’re not wasting precious moments scrolling through irrelevant material or being bombarded with unwanted ads that ultimately take up space on your phone’s screen.

#4. Enhanced User Experience

Enhancing your store’s user experience can result in more sales. The way you present your app and products to users is vital, as they expect easy navigation with no irrelevant buttons or banners that may distract them from their search for what they want.

Mobile apps are restrictive when it comes to layout, so if done correctly, this could work in the company’s favor by keeping things simple on mobile screens, which would lead to a satisfying customer experience.

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#5. Gain Competitive Edge

In this era of mobile-first consumers, your eCommerce website is at a disadvantage if you don’t have an app. The fact that you’re still getting any sales right now is fortunate, but it won’t last forever because customers would rather shop from the convenience and speed of their phones than waiting for websites to load on desktop computers or tablets.

On the flip side, being a startup and creating a robust eCommerce mobile app will give you an advantage over other sites without one when dealing with today’s demanding shoppers who are often torn between choosing which site they want to buy; from — yours or another competitor’s?

That’s why you should pick eCommerce development solutions wisely to cater your customers’ eloquent and charismatic app experience. Right now, every retailer on the planet is competing with Amazon. You can basically buy everything under the sun from them — in the United States alone, 95 million people have an Amazon Prime membership.

Obviously, they might not carry your branded products, but how unique are you? Can a customer get something similar from another brand in their app?

Probably! So anytime someone visits your website or storefront and sees that it doesn’t meet standards of what customers expect to find online, then there’s no reason for them to make a purchase — so keep up those high-quality visuals, so you don’t lose out against other retailers like Macy’s who also just announced plans last week for “the most significant eCommerce push.”

#6. Engagement With App’s Feature

In the digital age, smartphones are not just a tool for communication. They also provide access to services and applications which can be used by any business that has an app available on these devices. You might have heard of geotagging in relation to social media sites like Instagram or Facebook — but did you know it could work wonders when applied with your company’s location-based app?

  • GPS: Geolocation uses GPS technology so that users’ phones will pinpoint their exact address at all times; this is useful if they’re looking for directions or need help finding something nearby, such as the nearest store opening hours (usually displayed beside each shop). Geocoding coordinates are often tagged onto maps from satellites and aerial photography, too, meaning there may never be again.
  • Microphone: Voice search is another incredible feature in the mobile app that simplifies the search process, or just ask them questions as you would a person in real life! This is much more personalized and allows customers who may be hesitant about online shopping to feel comfortable buying from your store without committing too early to something that might not work out.
  • Camera: A number of ecommerce applications allow customers to share pictures of purchased items and share them on their social media accounts via apps like Instagram so people all over the world can see how great products look when worn by someone else- this gives potential buyers confidence before purchase because now they know it won’t end up hidden away in some drawer never being seen again; also, since many shoppers will want.
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#7. Increased Customer Retention

Any time you’re able to generate eCommerce sales that should make you very happy. But with that said, don’t let your success story end there and connect with an eCommerce development company to cater your customer with a seamless shopping experience! Studies show repeat customers can be up to 25 times more expensive than new ones, but increasing customer retention rates by just 5% can increase profits by over a quarter of what they were before for as little as $5 per return visit.

38% of users visit back eCommerce apps 11 times more after downloading. In short, it’s a good chance that they will buy at least one during 11+ visits.

Mobile users frequently visit the apps; that’s a good opportunity for a business. It enables businesses to generate sales anytime.

But as much as we’d like, the world’s economy could always benefit from some help — which is why we suggest focusing not just on generating new customers but retaining current ones too? Studies show: attracting new customers can cost 25x what it would take to sell one repeat customer, and increasing your retention rates by 5% has accounted for 25%-95% profit.

Wrapping Up

Creating an ecommerce mobile store is a great way to reach out and capture new customers. It’s not difficult, but it takes time before your site has enough traffic for you to make any sales. You should consider all the reasons why creating one might be right for your business goals.

Owing to innumerable benefits, eCommerce app development services are gaining huge traction and enabling businesses to cater modern eCommerce shopping experiences.



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