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7 Useful NPM libraries for the blockchain developers

A curated list for the beginners.

1.) Web3.js:

Web3.js is one of the most popular and well-known libraries used to interact with the EVM-compatible blockchain networks like Ethereum, Binance Smartchain, etc.. It provides a wide range of APIs used to connect and interact with the local or remote nodes.

2.) Ipfs-core:

The ipfs-core library is used to interact with the ipfs. It’s a very simple package to use. We can easily upload and retrieve files to the ipfs network using this module.

3.) Bitcoinjs-lib:

The bitcoinjs-lib is an excellent package for developing bitcoin-based applications using NodeJS. It provides APIs for address generation and helps us build simple to complex transactions for almost all the types of addresses like P2KH, P2SH and P2WPKH.

4.) Coingecko-api:

This is one of my favorite libraries. It is simple and straightforward to use. It is a very useful module and can be used for various use cases for example, to get the real time prices of coins/tokens, fetch the exchange rates of an asset, retrieve token details and a lot more.

5.) Ethers.js:

ethers.js is similar to the web3.js package discussed above. But ethers.js is light-weighted and more compact when compared with web3.js. Hence it is suitable to be used in the frontend applications. Also it has a very good documentation hence ethers.js is definitely a beginner-friendly package

6.) Truffle:

Truffle is a complete framework that can be used in the development and testing of smart contracts written on Solidity.

  • truffle compile — Compiles all the smart contracts of the project.
  • truffle test — Runs the unit tests specified under the test directory of the project
  • truffle migrate --network <network_name> — Deploys the compiled contracts (bytecode) to the specified network.

7.) CCXT:

CCXT is an another interesting module which can be used to connect and trade with cryptocurrency/altcoin exchanges and payment processing services worldwide.



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