A 2.0 Path to Wealth

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5 min readAug 23, 2021


Credits — Mathieu Stern

Saving money is a well-known path to wealth.

Still, keeping a portion of income every month for the coming days while enjoying the present is hard. Finding a balance is hard.

Banking applications don’t provide advanced features to track and analyze daily expenses.

They give basic information of every transaction but there are no user-based categories or aggregations to keep an eye on where and what you spent your money on.

I remember my father doing shitty spreadsheets at the time. Logging expenses in Excel sheets and then creating formulas to analyze what matters to him.

It’s still useful to control your financial balance and perspective.

Recently I went a little further.

By using new tools and programming languages, I created my own tracking and analytics workflow. All the way down to my inbox.

Logging daily outlays

If you’re using Trello, Evernote, Google Sheets, etc…: any combination of notes and organizational tools, you probably don’t know Notion.

It’s the new boy in self-tech town!

Notion is an all-in-one workspace with a lot of different features. It’s available on the web, as a desktop or mobile app.

Notion is really (really) good!

My workflow to log my expenses is quite simple: I open my banking app and log each raw into a Notion database. It’s just an array you can fill with many different cell formats and data types.

That way I can control everything: category tags, descriptions, dates, etc…

Screenshot of my expenses tracker in Notion.

Yes, it’s still manual, the old fashion way.

Banking apps don’t label expenses well enough for the moment and extracting data programmatically would require complex authentification processes.

Waiting for an AI to understand that a row with “Durand & Son’s” for $1 a Sunday morning is just the…



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