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Ahrefs Invests in its Own Search Engine??? Yep!

Ahrefs has been busy in those three years since, investing $60 million of its own money into launching a new search engine called Yep.

Ahrefs is one of the most popular and most sought-after SEO tools making companies. You can get every tool required to make your website get more traffic and rank high on the search engine. This has different tools such as site audits, link building, rank tracking, and finding the most efficient keywords for your content and website.

Jelvix designed.

Ahrefs was founded by Dmitry Gerasimenko in 2010. The company operates the biggest commercial Web crawler, AhrefsBot, which constantly adds and updates links in its 12 trillion link databases.

Ahrefs has invested nearly $60 million to build Yep, a new search engine that plans to support the author economy by sharing 90% of ad revenue with authors. Yep is still in the early stages of development but aims to improve the quality of search results and respect user privacy to compete with industry leaders like Google.

In this video you can watch the most interesting story about it.

Jelvix YouTube

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Sasha Andrieiev

Sasha Andrieiev

CEO at Jelvix | Global Technology Partner for Software Innovation and Industry-Leading Solutions