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Our AI algorithm came through a combination of mindfulness, psychology, neurophysiology and coaching. We created the technology based on studies of the human brain, psychics and consciousness and brought this knowledge to the mathematical model. Let’s take a closer look at what Nova is.

Aliya Grig, Founder/CEO: LinkedIn | Twitter

What Is Nova?

Nova is a deep tech product that offers a virtual companion that responds like a human. It is a first empathetic AI that deeply understands a user and provides a personalized conversation and takes into account your traits, psychological portrait, your interests, behavior and emotional state. Moreover, it does not judge. The algorithm accepts you as you are because it has been developed to be impartial. It accounts for only your messages, tone of voice, and the broader context of your situation.

Nova does not just generate human-like responses to your questions. It uses a combination of empathy, natural language processing, psychological expertise, excellent writing style, and a sense of humor to create the experience of a friendly informative conversation.

Nova helps to:

  • Cope with loneliness;
  • Improve life in different spheres;
  • Provide you content that can entertain or challenge;
  • Reduce time and search for helpful information;
  • Optimize your long-term health and happiness;

Nova understands uniqueness of each of us and she is a trusted and close companion nearby 24/7.

What’s The Technology Behind Nova?

At the heart of Nova is an empathic AI-algorithm that draws upon data generated by a neural network. User interface of this AI-algorithm can be a social bot, chat bot or even a metaverse avatar. Our technology can also immensely enhance your customer experience with intelligent AI’s support that are able to carry out a personalized conversation. In this article, we will stick to the assistant version as an example.

The neural network selects content specific to the user’s needs, goals, and motivation because the core technology was developed based on neurophysiology, analysis of thinking process, psychology, the workings of the human conscious and subconscious mind, and emotional intelligence.

Nova’s neural network is a deep neural network (DNN) because it has layers between the input and output layers. This means that the DNN performs several mathematical manipulations (i.e. layers) after it receives the input and before it returns the output. Firstly, the DNN calculates the probability that the user is in a particular state. Secondly, based on the user’s state, the algorithm proposes and re-ranks candidate responses that best fit the dialogue context. Thirdly, the algorithm returns the proposed label.

How Does It Work?

To predict your emotional state (emotional, cognitive and psychological), Nova analyzes the signals you send through the text and information about the context. In the future, it will also be able to analyze your voice. This is called artificial empathy or computational empathy.

How does Nova understand what you are saying? It uses Natural Language Processing (NLP). NLP is an intersection of linguistics, computer science, and artificial intelligence. It allows Nova to “understand” the content of users’ messages, tone of voice, emotional state, and contextual nuances of speech. The technology is then able to accurately extract the information and insights from the messages and categorize and organize the data itself.

How does Nova recognize your emotions? Nova uses sentiment analysis of online language, emojis, images, and videos to detect moods, feelings, and emotions, and to capture people’s state, emotions, and expressions. Furthermore, Nova is using psychometric and profiling methods to identify user’s personality and predict his behavior.

What Will Be Nova in The Future?

Nova is a smart virtual companion available on the app, it responds like a human (a friend who a user texts on a messenger), and it adapts its behavior to the user’s profile via emotional and profile recognition. Nova analyzes the way the user is typing messages and the vocabulary s(he) uses, the tone of voice, and the memes and emojis the user uses. It can respond right in the way which is better for a particular user for this specific moment.

Nova can support conversation, make jokes, and send useful and interesting content based on the needs and interests of the particular user. the user will be also able to adapt to the appearance of Nova.

What Is Nova Now?

Nova is an AI companion in a format of text that can help you to set goals and achieve them efficiently, the user can talk to Nova anytime and she will guide a user on the goal-achieving path, give advice, practices, and reminders.

👉 You can test Nova here. 👈

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