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Associate Android Developer Certification Kotlin Exam


From last 2 year, I was planning to appear in Associate Android Developer Certification exam. Initially, I had prepared it in JAVA but, that time somehow, I didn’t appear for this Exam. Also, I thought it would be hard.

Recently, I got a chance, and I signed up for the Kotlin exam. So, I want to share my personal experience of the exam. I am sharing only my personal experience so, it’s not 100% true for everyone and you will get more detail from their Official site.

As you are here to read this article, you already know What’s Associate Android Developer Certification? So, I am not going to tell you about this.


First of all, when you apply for exam or want to appear for exam then you should have full knowledge of lifecycle of Android applications development.
You must have knowledge about android IDE and Android core concepts. So basically, you should aware about, app’s UI design, develop the app’s functionality, debugging, and testing.

This exam is available in Java and Kotlin but, I recommend going with Kotlin.

I have 5+ years of experience so, it was fun for me but, the exam was lengthy for 8 hours if we don’t have a good strength of internet and system. Please make sure you have a proper internet connection and system.

Exam Content 📚

  1. App functionality
  2. User interface
  3. Data management
  4. Debugging
  5. Testing

You can get more detail from here. The exam was only from the above topic. So, prepare all the above topics before you dive into the exam.

In my case, I have the below topics for the exam.

  • Activity Lifecycle
  • Basic View and Widgets like Radio, Time Pickers
  • Intent
  • Menu Item
  • Snackbar
  • Constraint Layout
  • Recycler View
  • Paging Library
  • Styles and Themes
  • ViewModel
  • LiveData
  • Kotlin Coroutines
  • WorkManger
  • Room Database
  • Repository
  • Shared Preferences
  • App Settings for light and dark theme
  • Notification
  • Debugging
  • Testing (JUnit, Local Unit Test, Espresso, Mockito)

Exam 📝

Once you are done with the registration process, you have to download the plugin from Android Studio and an exam will be provided to you.

The exam is divided in 2 parts.

1. App Building :

Initially the code which you got is not able to compile and run. You have to write some missed code. There is no Git in project so you have to be very careful with coding because there is a big amount of code to write and it would be difficult to rollback changes to the initial point. But you can check local history.

You will get half completed app with a pretty straightforward explanation. We can call it an exam paper. You will get each screen explanation with an image and also proper instruction about how the app or that screen should look after development. We have given some implemented code that has some purpose. In some screens, the design part is implemented and in some screens, half app functionality development is given.

You will have a maximum of eight hours to complete the exam. If you have not completed the exam after eight hours it will be auto-submitted for you.

When you submit your exam just make sure it should be in a working state. It should compile and shouldn’t crash.

Timer will shown in Android studio itself because of that plugin. You will be notified when you have left only half-hour, 15 min.

2. Exit Interview :

Once your exam has been submitted, you may take a short break and then you will need to complete a 10–15 minute video “exit interview”. You will be asked to choose your convenient time for the exit interview. This exit interview will require you to have a working webcam and microphone and will be recorded for grading purposes

In an exit interview, we have 5 video questions, which is related to our project on which we worked for 8 hours and some core android concept. This is for confirmation that you are the one who gave this exam.

Note: If you do not complete your exam within 8 hours and your exit interview within the allotted time, your submission will be auto-failed and you will be required to pay again to take the exam.

My overall experience

It was good. The exam was a little bit lengthy and hard. I learned to complete it in time😉 (Although we do but at this time we have no option).
If you don’t have enough experience in Kotlin or Java then it will be a little difficult to complete it given time period.

The exam was like a puzzle, we need to connect all parts. They have given some code snippets and you need to identify what you have to use and how to use those code snippets.

It was stressful during those 8 hours to be working the entire time. We can’t pause the timer. Also, At that time if you are stuck somewhere, then it will become a challenge for us. If you face this type of issue during exam then check your previous or next coding part so, you will get an exact idea about that. Tasks as themselves are not difficult, but it is difficult to solve them in 8 hours.

I also have made some mistakes during the exam. My system got hang during the exam and it became slower so, it was hard for me to complete but I did it.

After almost 18 days, I got mail from Google Certification Team, “Congratulations! You passed all of the requirement for the Associate Android Developer Certification exam!..”🎉


I’d say that my experience was quite a good one, taking the Google Android Certification exam, if you’re thinking of taking it I’d say go for it! Especially if you had experience in Android Development.

Let’s connect on Github and StackOverflow.



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