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Become a Digital Artist’s Paradise with a SuperRare Like NFT Marketplace Development!

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As we all know, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are currently ruling the world, and the adoption rates are growing enormously. These digital assets have hugely benefited digital creators, particularly artists, as most NFTs are image-based. Beeple, Pak, Fewocious, and Mad Dog Jones have become famous after the advent of NFTs into the art world.

Talking about NFT art, one cannot skip SuperRare, an exclusive NFT marketplace for artists. In this blog, we will see how running a SuperRare like NFT marketplace can bolster your chances for success.

A Brief Introduction to SuperRare

SuperRare is an exclusive NFT marketplace for digital creators that aims to reduce the gap between NFT portals and real-world art galleries. Buyers can get curated artwork in this marketplace, making things easier for a more traditional art collector with an easy-to-operate user interface. The NFT art marketplace unsurprisingly runs on the Ethereum blockchain, and its native token is called $RARE. The platform levies a flat 3% fee on every transaction and charges 15% during the first sale of an NFT artwork.

The Ethereum-based art-selling platform allows users to buy, sell, and mint NFTs. When it comes to payment options, the platform offers support to MetaMask, Fortmatic, and Wallet Connect, through which users can transact in Ether ($ETH). The platform provides great support to artists by giving out royalties (10% of the transacted amount) on every resale. But, keep in mind that the platform’s vetting policies are stringent as the firm behind the venture wants it to provide SuperRare as a premium experience for old-school art collectors.

Advantages of a SuperRare Like NFT Marketplace

  • The platform is based on giving a social vibe to a traditional art gallery, which becomes evident through the original SuperRare’s motto, “Where Instagram meets Christie’s.”
  • Also, such a platform only allows a handful of artists to display and sell their artwork, which results in the exclusiveness of an NFT artwork.
  • A SuperRare-like NFT marketplace exists on Ethereum, which is a huge advantage, given that most of the NFT community is present (>90%) around the blockchain.
  • Its background in Ethereum means that Ether, one of the widely used cryptocurrencies, can be applied for trading operations on the marketplace platform.
  • The marketplace also offers support to major crypto wallets, meaning that your business can easily perform transactions and have a wider user base.
  • The SuperRare like NFT marketplace platform also avoids copyright infringed NFTs from being displayed as every artwork undergoes a great deal of verification before coming to light.

How to Build a SuperRare Like NFT Marketplace?

  • Creating a SuperRare like NFT marketplace starts by carefully framing the plans for the business. Factors such as target audience, competitors, contacts, and technological solutions to be used are determined. In this case, we will be using a solution that looks similar to the SuperRare platform.
  • You can customize all your requirements easily, including adding your logo and user-end features.
  • Build the native tokens and smart contracts for the NFT marketplace platform as per your protocols and plans.
  • Then, conduct minimal testing to ensure that your platform works as intended. It is enough for a little testing as the platform would have already been tested extensively beforehand.
  • Finally, launch the platform for trading operations and update it frequently to stay ahead in the race.

Cost of Launching a SuperRare Like NFT Marketplace

Although the exact expenses involved in creating a SuperRare like NFT marketplace platform depends on your requirements, we can easily say that it is cheaper than developing an NFT marketplace from scratch. The pre-tested nature of the platform gives it a competitive edge when it comes to saving time and money for a business venture. This point is important as time is paramount in the NFT world as trends can change within hours.

What Should I Do Now?

If you are looking to delve into the NFT world as an exotic artworks-based marketplace owner quickly, then a SuperRare like NFT marketplace can be a great solution. You do not need to search for the software as there are a few firms that can design your business platform from their SuperRare like NFT marketplace software for economical prices. You can also be sure that the platform will fulfill all your needs without fail.



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