Best P2E game For Gamers in 2023 That Requires Low Investments

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NFTs have made it a long way into 2023 establishing solid roots in Web 3.0 space. As years pass by, NFTs evolve with numerous use cases and applications to incorporate them. NFTs are no more just digital art pieces or a collectible. In addition, non-fungible tokens have unfurled their broad spectrum of utilities.

However, among the long list of use cases, the scope for P2E gaming stands tall in the list. Many NFT trading platforms in the NFT market are recording overwhelming sales of gaming NFTs. The prominence of gaming NFTs in the market is proven through the statistics released by for Q3 2022. has established that gaming NFT sales accounted for 40% of the total NFT sales. Moreover, 30% of the active crypto wallets hold gaming NFTs. Apart from NFTs acting as digital ownership for an asset, it establishes a revenue-generating scope for gamers through gaming NFTs.

NFT games are constantly evolving in the Web 3.0 space to meet the growing demand and trends in the market. Moreover, there are numerous gaming projects in the Web 3.0 space that are aligned with the current NFT market trends.

Why Are NFT Games Looked Up By Gamers?

NFT games revolve around Web 3.0 as a promising investment opportunity for gamers. NFT gaming platforms enable gamers to establish a win-win investment opportunity. I.e., they can flip their NFTs for a higher price from their purchase, or they can generate steady revenue from the gaming platform.

In addition, unlike the traditional gaming industry, where only the company makes all the profits. NFT games enable players to earn lucrative profits.

Rising P2E Games In The Market

There are numerous P2E games on the rise, but only a handful of P2E games have analyzed the market trends. In addition, the below-mentioned NFT game projects can be a perfect choice for the gaming community with competitive ROI.

RADDX Racing Metaverse

RADDX Racing Metaverse is yet another upcoming Web 3.0 P2E gaming project. The project will be launched by Asia’s largest NFT trading platform, The renowned NFT trading platform is known for its success with its previous game called Meta Cricket League. After the success of the previous game, the NFT trading platform is all set to launch its brand new metaverse game.

At present, the NFT trading platform has announced that the car NFTs will be launched at a revolutionary price of $1 per NFT. In addition, it also plans to incorporate futuristic aspects into the game. For instance, EV cars are not car enthusiasts’ cup of tea because they usually do have a perception that EV cars are not meant to travel at high speeds.

RADDX Racing Metaverse aims to give a new shape to this perception of EV cars by introducing EV supercars in the game. This revolutionary move will make people think hitting the roads with EVs can look cool too.


Tamadoge is an upcoming graming project in the Web 3.0 space developed on the Ethereum chain. It is inspired by the doge ecosystem. The game has released its genesis NFT collection on OpenSea, where interested players can purchase their NFTs.

The game is similar to the existing P2E game Axie Infinity. Tamadoge enables players to own Tamadoge pets. These pets enable the players to participate in multiplayer battles, breed them, and much more.


Like Tamadoge, which is similar to the existing gaming model in the Web 3.0 space, RobotEra is an upcoming NFT gaming platform that is also similar to the existing gaming model. The game enables players to become robots in the metaverse and build their fantasy on their piece of land.

Wrap Up

P2E games have stood tall in the market, unfurling the earring opportunities for the gaming communities. The market is subjected to changing trends from time to time. It is wise for gamers to opt for an upcoming game that is backed by a renowned NFT trading platform or company.



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