Best Play-To-Earn Racing Games You Should Know In 2023

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Web3 P2E racing games have gained a lot of traction in recent times. Moreover, kenspeckle entities in the NFT and crypto space are all ready to dip their toes in the ever-promising P2E market. Popular NFT collection Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) has recently announced that they are joining hands with Animoca Brands to develop a dedicated P2E gaming platform that supports Yuga Lab’s BAYC NFTs.

Web3 P2E games equip their game platforms with immersive game mechanics and GameFi token models, making it a lucrative model to generate revenues. In order for gamers to have the best gaming experience on the whole, it is essential for them to choose the best play to earn games in the current year.

Before diving into the top racing games in 2023. Let us have a look at diverse revenue-generating opportunities which gamers can capitalize on.

Different Ways to Make Money From P2E Games

Here are some of the avenues which you can utilize as a gamer to generate revenue from the P2E game ecosystem.

In-Game Earnings

In-game earnings are one of the common ways to earn money. Generally, in-game earnings could be rewarded through GameFi tokens. These game reward tokens are an effective reading mechanism as they have great potential to rise in the coming future. The market capitalization of GameFi tokens is more than 18 billion U.S. dollars. With the rising adoption of P2E games, the GameFI token’s value can skyrocket in the future.

NFT Renting

Renting can be a useful feature enabling the platform users to earn passive incomes. In addition, the NFT renting process can also help the interested buying parties to try and test out the NFT in the game environment before purchasing it from the other player. Renting also enables players to make unused NFTs make money for them instead of sitting idle in their crypto wallets.

Contest Winnings

Contests in P2E games enable you to win big from regular in-game earnings. Prizes from the contest can be the game’s native token, in-gam assets such as NFTs, other crypto assets, real-world prizes, or a combination of the mentioned prizes. Contests happen in a regular timeline set by different brands.

NFT Trading

Trading your gaming NFTs can be profitable instead of holding them in your crypto wallet forever. Unlike traditional games, if a gamer is tired of playing the game, the gamer can list out the NFTs on the marketplace to get back the money invested in it or more than the gamer invested in acquiring it. Moreover, a gamer can also level up his NFT assets and create a demand for the leveled-up NFT to sell it for a higher price.

Best P2E Racing Games In 2023

Below is a list of some of the best upcoming P2E racing games that every gamer should know.

1. RADDX Racing Metaverse

It is one of the most hyped car NFT games on the market. Asia’s largest NFT marketplace, is all set to launch its super immersive metaverse P2E racing game. Ahead of the game launch, the pre-book for purchasing the RADDX NFT loot boxes is live now. Moreover, purchasing a pack of 5 RADDX NFT loot boxes can avail you instant access to open the ‘Guaranteed Gift Box’ containing exciting gifts like one whole Bitcoin, MATIC, BNB, Mahindra Thar, Royal Enfield bike, and many more awesome gifts. It also enables players to make revenue from wide avenues, including in-game earnings, renting, daily contest winnings, etc. The platform is said to offer racing and battleground experiences under one roof.

2. REVV Racing

REVV Racing is one of the prominent P2E racing game names in the web3 space. The game’s NFTs are easily available on OpenSea. This game was one of the first arcade-based simulation games built on the blockchain network. In addition, the game also offers a first & third-person view 3D racing experience. In-game rewards and earnings are offered to players through their ecosystem’s native token ‘REVV’.

3. Alpha League Racing

Yet another car NFT game that gamers should try out in 2023. Alpha League Racing in-game assets, such as car NFTs, are available on the Magic Eden NFT marketplace enabling players to purchase from there and integrate with the P2E platform to earn money. The game is currently available on the Google play store and web browsers. There are multiple gameplay modes in the game, like tournaments, clash racing, and team duels. The winning players are rewarded with the native token of the Alpha League Racing ecosystem called $RACE.

Summing It Up

P2E games have evolved a lot in recent times, paving the way for effective, rewarding mechanisms. New-age web3 P2E games have come a long way from the initial and have equipped their gaming platforms with adequate tech stacks to provide an immersive gaming experience. With such strong evolution happening in the P2E platforms setting the perfect track for a robust future, gamers can adopt the best P2E racing games in 2023 to have passive incomes even in their leisure time without sacrificing joy.



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