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Brain Implant Allows Thoughts to Operate Devices as Truth Social Banned on Google Play Store

Photo by Milad Fakurian on Unsplash

A new brain implant allows users to control digital devices just through thoughts. Donald Trump’s Truth Social is not available on the Google Play Store. Serena Williams has retired from tennis after a legendary career. Meta settles suit in Cambridge Analytica scandal. NASA launches a UFO Study. Here are this week’s stories.

Brain implant Uses thoughts to Operate Devices

Photo by Slejven Djurakovic on Unsplash

A new brain implant developed by Synchron, an endovascular brain-computer interface company, can control digital technology just through thoughts. Synchron’s Stentrode is part of the first US clinical trial of a brain implant that returns the power of communication to severely paralyzed people. The implant is inserted through the jugular vein to reach the brain’s motor cortex, where it can pick up the thoughts denoting an individual’s intended actions. An eye-tracking device is used to control the movements of the computer cursor. The signals captured by a receiver in the chest are sent to the device, which allows people to use their devices with just their thoughts. This implant is meant for severely paralyzed individuals, and five people have received the implant. There are several companies working on this technology, including Elon Musk’s Neuralink. Musk believes that humans will need to merge with artificial intelligence to remain alive and created Nuralink. Last year, Neuralink shared a YouTube video of a Monkey playing the game pong with just its mind. Although this technology has many benefits and could cure many neurological conditions like addiction, paralysis, anxiety, and memory loss, it creates more issues like viruses and hacks. By connecting the brain to technology, we will eventually lose all the qualities that make us human. The brain would become more vulnerable and avoid widespread adoption of this technology.

Truth Social Banned on Google Play Store

Photo by TechCrunch, Truth Social, and Google Play

Last year, Donald Trump created Truth Social, a social media platform similar to Twitter that allows for free speech, after he was banned from numerous social because he was blamed for inciting the January 6th riot in the capital. Truth Social grew in popularity, especially among Republicans, because they were allowed to voice their opinions without getting censored or banned. However, millions of phones cannot access it because it remains unavailable on the Google Play store. Google claims that content moderation is insufficient to be included in the marketplace because Truth Social uses an artificial intelligence (AI) moderation system, but major platforms like Instagram and Twitter also heavily rely on AI. It’s unclear when Truth Social will be allowed on the Google Play store, but the two companies are trying to fix the issue. Truth Social is also being accused of spreading hate and inciting violence by major news organizations when in reality, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok cause more harm to society. Just last week on the Joe Rogan Podcast, Mark Zuckerberg revealed that the FBI ordered Facebook to suppress the Hunter Biden laptop story before the 2020 election.

Serena Williams Retires After Legendary Career

Photo by US Open

Serena Williams has retired from tennis after a legendary career. Williams has played tennis for 27 years professionally, won 39 grand slams, and is considered by most the greatest female tennis player of all time. She came from a humble background and started playing tennis at the age of four and began her professional career in 1995, just after turning 14. By 1997, she was already ranked 99 and defeated two top-10 opponents in one tournament. During the 2000s and 2010s, Williams dominated despite injuries and has been the best player five times at the end of the year and has totaled 319 weeks at the top spot. Williams has a net worth of $260 million and has more than a dozen corporate partners. Her $94 million in career prize money is also twice as much as any other female athlete has made. During retirement, Willams hopes to grow her family, work on her business ventures, and enjoy life.

The Cambridge Analytica Scandal

Photo by Dima Solomin on Unsplash

Cambridge Analytica was a British political consulting firm founded in 2013, and it was used by major political organizations to sway the votes of millions. The company would extract large amounts of data from our Facebook accounts without the user’s permission and then analyze it and group it into multiple categories. From there, they would target these groups with personalized advertisements and messages to convince them to vote for a specific candidate. These unethical practices were used to influence over 200 elections worldwide, including in Australia, India, Kenya, Mexico, the United Kingdom, and the United States. In the 2016 presidential election, Donald Trump used Cambridge Analytica and was able to win, despite every major media organization supporting Hillary Clinton. The reason why Cambridge Analytica was so effective in the US was because they had about 5,000 data points on every US voter or 220 million Americans. In 2018, Cambridge Analytica practices were unveiled, and a case emerged that accused the firm of paying a Facebook app developer for access to the personal information of about 87 million Facebook users. The company closed operations soon after, but firms related to both Cambridge Analytica and its parent firm, SCL, still exist. Facebook’s parent company Meta has also reached a tentative settlement in the lawsuit this week, but the compensation was not disclosed in court documents. The accord was reached just before Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg and former chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg were required to give depositions.

NASA Launches UFO Study

Photo by Department of Defense

Last year, Congress and the Pentagon released an official report on UFOs, and they concluded that these objects could be natural phenomena misinterpreted by the pilots and their equipment, a new technology developed by Russia, China, or extraterrestrials. Now, NASA is launching a team to study unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP), or “events in the sky that cannot be identified as aircraft or known natural phenomena.” NASA will attempt to identify what these UAPs are from a scientific perspective. The agency will first try to collect a robust set of data and analyze it to determine whether there is any connection between the sightings and if it is a naturally occurring phenomenon. NASA has long been looking for signs of alien life, but there are serious national security and air safety risks this time. UAP sightings often include extremely fast speeds and unpredictable paths and could be hypersonic technology. Russia has been heavily investing in hypersonic weaponry, which could give the ability to evade American missile-defense technology. China has also been working on the same technology and displayed it in its military parades. The US has fallen behind on hypersonics, and it will likely take years to catch up to China and Russia. If the UAP sightings are hypersonic technology developed by Russia or China, then this would be very dangerous for the US and the Whole World as no other country could counter this technology.

Above were my top stories for the week of September 6th, 2022. Thank you, and see you next week!



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