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Dec 6, 2021

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Build a Web Application to Chat With Your Facebook Page Users


Create a Facebook page

Set up the sample web application

Link your Facebook page to your Vonage application

  • Log into the Vonage Dashboard
  • Under “Messages and Dispatch” click “Social channels”
  • On the “Social channels” page, click Facebook Messenger
  • Follow the steps to connect your Facebook page to your Vonage Account
  • Select the Facebook page(s) to connect to Vonage
  • Verify you are using the correct Facebook account
  • Review the permissions granted to Vonage
  • Confirmation that Vonage was able to be successfully linked
  • Select a Facebook page that was linked to Vonage and complete the setup
  • Congratulations, your Facebook page was successfully connected
  • Now that Vonage knows about your Facebook page, let’s connect to your Vonage application that was created when you set up the sample with Glitch. Either click “Link to an application” or go to the Applications section of the dashboard.
  • Select the application you created when setting up the Glitch sample and then click “Link”.

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