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Can You Espresso using a Kitchen Baster?

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This past thanksgiving, while basting the turkey, I thought “Maybe?!?” I thought that it would be funny to try to make coffee with a baster. You have pressure in the tube, and maybe something could be learned. Or maybe fun could be had.

The lesson learned is “NO.” However, I present my failed attempt just in case you ever looked at a baster and also said maybe.

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It was pretty straight forward, but I had to put a stopper at the bottom so the coffee wouldn’t come out. I used a small paper filter.

Then I ground my coffee as usual on setting 7 on the Niche. I used about 10g, which was destined to fail.

I set it up to going into a Kruve EQ cup because when using a makeshift espresso machine, you need the cups.

The result was surprising:

Just Joking!

It was a disaster. The water took a long time to penetrate, and the bottom part of the baster caused a choke point.

So let’s try again:

I used 7g instead of 10, and I went to setting 15 on the Niche. This did slightly better, but not much.

So then I switched to setting 25, which is very coarse, for 1g on the bottom, then setting 15 for 3g on top.

The coffee got through basically, but it was still a failure. A baster can’t get too high on the pressure. Of course, the water was hot, but I didn’t measure it to be certain.

The coffee was very oily, and by the end, it had a lot of ground in it.

I didn’t taste this shot or even measure the TDS. It was certain to be terrible. As with science, when a hypothesis fails, you still are left with knowledge from the experiment even if that knowledge is something nobody asked for.

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