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For a while I’ve been thinking about a way we could make something fun on EnergyWeb Chain for the community. It seems that the holders of $EWT, although bullish on the vision, don’t have much to do on the blockchain if we compare to other booming ecosystems. There was a fun period when Carbonswap was alive almost a year ago, but sadly it faded when devs went silent just as things were getting interesting. Around the same time period, a few people got together and re-launched EWDOGE as a community project. The goal was to build a Decentralized Organization for Greener Earth on EnergyWeb Chain (note the clever acronym:)).
Fast forward a few months later and we now have:

A DEX to trade Carbon Credits and other tokens on EWC.
Īinu Collection
A governance NFT collection yielding Carbon Credits to its holders.
A treasury collecting revenues from the transactions of $EWD.
A treasury rewarding LP providers with $EWD tokens.

To be frank, it has been an immense challenge to build with limited resources and a sceptical community (not without reason, as many projects disappeared not long after launch). Despite all that, we now have something that works and seems ready to be scaled up. A big thanks to Vulcan, Marin and Yamobe, who have been coding/building/creating for the EWD project since the beginning with little to no financial compensation. Also a special mention to Marvin who built, a fantastic multi-chain NFT marketplace.

We’ve now come to a point where the DeFi tools that were put in place can be used to kickstart a positive loop for both the EnergyWeb community and for the planet.

That’s where CORK project comes in; the first project supported by the EWDOGE GreenFund. Carbon Offset Reserve Kingdoms is a game that we want to build on EnergyWeb Chain, taking advantage of the low-cost transaction fees, and rewarding players with tokenized carbon credits.


Kingdoms, wolves, $cork token and carbon credits…
To bootstrap the game, each Īinu will soon receive a Moon NFT that will be an entry pass to the kingdoms. With that NFT in his wallet, a holder will be able to create a player role for the game. The goal of the game will be to control virtual plots of land with wolf packs (different NFT cards). Each plot of land will hold some tokenized carbon credits that will be distributed to the controlling player at the end of each game. It will be possible to move to neighbouring land and attack opponents (similar to RISK game). Making moves in the game will cost $CORK* tokens, that will be collected in an offsetting wallet. As players compete, make moves and battle for land, they will effectively be offsetting carbon. Players will also get different wolf cards prior to games in order to build their packs, and will be putting those at risk when attacking others and defending their land. A leaderboard will keep track and display the best offsetting players and teams as the kingdoms battle.

* About $CORK:
Can be created by bonding $EWD and Carbon Credits. It will be possible to get the underlying carbon credit back (unbonding) but the $EWD part will be burned in the process. Īinu NFTs will also passively earn $CORK tokens that they will be able to claim in order to play the game.

I want to make a point here that although anyone will be able to create $CORK tokens from $EWD and Carbon Credits, the goal is not to force players to purchase $CORK (pay to win), but rather use the Īinu collection, the tools and dapps that are already built, to have some fun playing a game while also offsetting CO2 (Play, Earn & Offset).

Here’s some thoughts about the mechanics:

  • The carbon credits that are available in each plot of land will be a monetary incentive to participate with little to no cost for players.
  • This should reward the more active players while also letting Īinu holders that aren’t interested in the game, opt-out and still earn $CORK tokens that can be exchanged back to carbon credits.
  • The offsetting of $CORK tokens by the different kingdoms will create a rivalry and a competing environment as well as encourage strategic planning between team members (I see this as a good way to grow and strengthen the EW community).
  • The $CORK token will push demand for $EWD and create a deflationary burn mechanism as more games are played. (E.g. weekly battles)
  • If there’s more demand for $EWD, this could allow the treasury to purchase more carbon credits to fill the land plots. More carbon credits would create a bigger monetary incentive and possibly increase the number of players interested in joining (positive loop).
  • Scaling up would open the door to development of different game modes.
  • This whole concept has the ability to do good for the planet with little to no effort from the participants. As players have a competitive and financial motivation to win, the offsetting of CO2 will happen with a natural flow.

I am getting slightly tired of the plethora of projects that are playing the mystery game in order to create hype around their project. So there, I laid out the main ideas of what we have been working on for the past few months. There will be no cash grab NFT mints, no whitelist grind, no pre-sale tokens and of course; this isn’t a promise that we will succeed in this experiment.
But I hope you guys can see the vision and know that we will keep building with the community in mind. We would love to brainstorm and get the input and creativity from the participants of the EW ecosystem; the game might take some time to develop but we have started to lay the groundwork.
Those that want to step in and help develop, feel free to reach out!

-Agent K


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