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Career Growth Lessons a Software Developer Can Take From The Great Mahabharata

An Indian historic saga which will give you an all new perspective about growth in your life.

Photo by Anshuman Abhishek on Unsplash

Let us learn about the key lessons that we can take from great Mahabharata.

If you are not aware about Mahabharata it’s integral part of Indian history in which we have lot to learn spiritually and morally. There happened many big warriors from whom we can take lessons regarding our growth. You can find struggle, greed, hard work and patience all bind together in the epic story.

We won’t be going much inside the Mahabharata but we will be discussing about few of the great warriors who shook the world at that time and the way in which we can relate them for improving in our career.

Let’s discuss about the following warriors, and about understand their stories of how they lead their life, since that can be guidance roadmap for many. Like the famous Japanese technique Ikigai we can pull various things which will lead us into a greater future.

The following list is not in any order of strength or greatness but all of them were great in their own sense.


Arjuna was one of the great warrior of the time. Apart from many good traits one of the the characteristics that Arjuna processes was a laser sharp focus. There was a small instance to support the fact, once Arjuna’s Guru Shri Dronacharya asked bunch of students to shoot the eye off a bird sitting on a far away tree using bow and arrow.

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When enquired from each student apart from Arjuna that what they can see. Everyone described their experience as one of the combination of either tree, bird, sky, leaves etc. But on contrary Arjuna described that he can only see the eye of the bird since that was his target. This describes his laser sharp focus on his goal.
Software developer or any person who is focused towards growing there career, should learn a deep message from this. Doesn’t matter how big is the goal always be focused towards your goal regardless of what challenge you face. For example if you want to learn about any new language try experimenting with different ways to help you mastering it. The laser sharp focus is something which we can learn from great warrior Arjuna.


There was another great warrior Eklavya who secretly learnt the skills of using bow and arrow, just by worshipping the statue of Guru Dronacharya who was the mentor of Arjuna. Since Dronacharya refused to train Eklavya.

Photo by Joe Holland on Unsplash

But Eklavya dedication and immense respect towards him surprised everyone. Without having any mentor he was able to shoot the arrow with utmost precision. But when Guru Dronacharya asked his thumb as a return of his training that was never formally given. Eklavya didn’t thought twice before giving his thumb as return of his training (Commonly called as Guru Dakshina).

Now what can we learn from him is respecting your mentor at whatever cost. A mentor can be your senior, colleague, friend, teacher anyone. Try to learn as much as you can from them but never disrespect them. Either don’t make anyone your mentor, which won’t be good for you, but if you have considered someone as your mentor always respect them for whatever they have done for you.


Karan was also amongst the top warrior in Mahabharata and was gifted with golden kundals and armor that protected him from any obstacle which came his way.

Photo by Katt Yukawa on Unsplash

Amongst his other quality one of the key quality that we can learn for which Karna was famously acknowledged was that he was great giver. He never said no for when asked from him at certain time of the day i.e. after he worshiped Sun god.
That is something even I try to follow is to teach, help and share my the knowledge that I have gained throughout my career.

Although I am not the master of everything but if somebody wants to learn about the topic , which I am aware about I never thought twice teaching it to them. The way could be different either online video or one to one mentoring. By teaching others it’s a two way learning I have to refresh all my learning which helps me refreshing them and on the contrary the other person who want to explore it, also learn it from me. So it's a win win situation


Babarik was very unique warrior he has skill of ending any war just using three arrows, but still he made a big sacrifice which made him immortal.

Photo by Eduardo Barrios on Unsplash

Even after having so much potential he has to sacrifice himself just for a good cause. Although I am not asking you to sacrifice yourself for your career growth but at the right time learn to sacrifice the thing which is not yielding any results.

Sometime it becomes one of the most difficult decision to take. also it’s not easy to discard any project in which you have given your blood and sweat, but that how it is. Even though you have a lot of potential but might be its not the right time. Try understand that as soon as possible.

From great Barbarik we can learn about sacrificing at right time. It is also something which we should learn as a software developer or a any person who wants to grow in their life.

Final Thoughts.

Firstly saying, this list in not at all exhaustive in respect to Mahabharata. SInce there were many great stories from which we can learn. But here are the four skills which we discussed earlier that we can learn from the great Mahabharat.

  • Having a laser shop focus for a leather shop careers.
  • Learning and Respecting your mentor at any cost.
  • Be a giver of your knowledge.
  • Sacrifice and stop when it’s the right time.

Hope we learn about these sooner or latter, since there qualities which take a long way. Surely let me know which quality you liked the most.

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