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Celebrate other people’s victories!

How cherishing their accomplishments accelerated my own career growth

Prologue: A high school band concert

My 14-yr old son has been playing trombone in the school band for a long time. The last couple of years, getting together to play instruments during a pandemic was difficult, but the kids powered through with a positive attitude and ingenuity to make it work, playing their instruments on Zoom for many grueling months. Then when they were able to get together in person, they wore special masks tailored for their specific instruments, which I’m sure was awful. Recently, as covid restrictions eased, they were able to put together in-person concerts. I can’t imagine how difficult this entire process must have been. I continue to be awe-struck by their tenacity and their spirit. Their concerts were awesome, and I proudly attended every one of them.

1993: Hoping others don’t succeed… out of necessity

1997–2009: Microsoft: the envy seeps in

21-yr old, fresh out of college, and first job at Microsoft!

2009: Amazon: a fresh start!

Parting thoughts

I was in an organization where the VP would send an email after each promotion season, listing the individuals that were promoted with a little blurb on why they were promoted. They stopped doing that “because it was hurting the feelings of the people who had failed to get promoted that time.”



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Carlos Arguelles

Hi! I'm a Senior Staff Engineer at Google. Prior to Google, I was a Principal Engineer at Amazon for 11 yrs, and before that, I spent 11 years at Microsoft.