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Choreo, an iPaaS by WSO2 is in public beta!

Let’s learn about WSO2’s latest iPaas solution Choreo

Choreo public beta announced!

WSO2 team is thrilled to announce the public beta of its latest innovation, Choreo, an integration platform as a service (iPaaS) on 15th June 2021.


You can find the press release of the announcement in the link below.

What is Choreo?

The term “Choreo” stemmed from the idea of “Choreography”. In Choreography, the actors worked as a group by performing their own actions while indirectly communicating with each other. Choreo is an integration platform as a service (iPaaS) that allows developers to build cloud-native applications. The below video introduces Choreo and its promise to the world of technology.

Why Choreo?

Choreo allows organizations to build APIs, Integrations, and Microservices at speed. Given below is a list of advantages that Choreo offers.

  • Serverless platform to build services (APIs, Integrations, and Microservices) without worrying about the underlying infrastructure
  • Low code approach with sequence diagram based programming model to develop services rapidly
  • Strong API Management capabilities built-in to the platform to secure and govern the services delivery
  • Automated deployment of services with built-in CICD pipelines that deploy services to a Kubernetes runtime
  • AI-driven assistance with automated performance analysis and data mapping for developing services with optimized performance
  • Advanced observability features enabled automatically to troubleshoot production incidents directly from the platform
  • API marketplace to share microservices and APIs across teams, BUs, and organizations and expand to an API economy

Choreo, A sneak peek

Here are a few screenshots of the Choreo public beta.

Figure: Choreo home page
Figure: Side-by-side view of code and low-code representation of a program
Figure: Choreo API Overview
Figure: Choreo API Lifecycle management
Figure: Choreo API Developer portal (marketplace)
Figure: Choreo Observability, Latency and TPS view
Figure: Choreo observability, diagnostics view

Want to try out Choreo? Keep reading.

How to get started?

Choreo is available for everyone to try out! You can use the below URL to sign up to the Choreo portal and start building your APIs, Integrations, and Microservices.

Choreo Value proposition

You can find more details on the problems that Choreo is trying to solve by reading the blog written by Asanka Abeysinghe and Eric Newcomer in the link below.

Additional Resources

You can find additional resources on Choreo in the links below.

Engage with Choreo

Choreo has a set of social media channels that users can engage with the team directly. Find the links to social media channels below.

Have a great day!



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