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How to Come up With Good Side Projects

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Increase Complexity and Challenge

  • Ability to group todos together
  • Add due dates to todos
  • Ability to search/filter todos by due date or group

Think About Functionality You Want to Build

Use API’s From Your Favorite Products

  • Spotify Web API — browse artists, playlists, albums, etc.
  • YouTube Data API — post videos, get analytics for channels and videos, etc.
  • Reddit API — get posts and comments for text analysis, get memes, etc.
  • Twitch API — read chat in real-time and get channel events via web hooks

Add Cloud Services

Putting It All Together

  • A Japanese learning resource aggregator that utilizes the Reddit and YouTube API’s to get the newest learning resources and stores them in a DynamoDB table. (This can be expanded to any topic of your choosing, I just learn Japanese as a hobby.)
  • A Twitch stock simulator where chat can type in orders on a shared simulated account. (Okay, I built this already here. You can try it for crypto.)
  • A full stack web app for fitness trainers to manage their schedules and track their clients’ progress. It will need to be hosted somewhere and need to store user data.
  • A recipe API that returns a recipe or cooking video based on what ingredients the user inputs/has.



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