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Create Scalable Business Workflows Using AWS Step Functions

In this blog post, we will look into how to create simple AWS Step Functions using a serverless framework.

Why I choose serverless?

Because it defines everything in a single file:

  • IAM Role Statements
  • Lambda Function Handlers
  • Lambda Function Triggers
  • Step Function States
  • CloudFormation resources

Now, let us start building the step functions.

Step 1: Create the node-js template project using the following command

sls create - template aws-nodejs - path aws-sg-stepfunctions-demo

Step 2: Navigate to the folder aws-sg-stepfunctions-demo. serverless.yml is created inside the folder. If you invoke the sample hello function locally with the command below

sls invoke local -f hello

the following result is received.

"statusCode": 200,
"body": "{\n \"message\": \"Go Serverless v1.0! Your function executed successfully!\",\n \"input\": {}\n}"

Step 3: Refactor this lambda function by changing the message inside the body. I am going to create two more lambda functions and only the message component will be different in all these lambda functions.

aws lambda nodejs

Step 4: Create functions-definition.yml as below. We will refer this file in serverless.yml.


Step 4: Create stepfunctions-definition.yml as below. We will refer this file in serverless.yml as well.

Step 6: Create cloudwatch log group for the step function.

Step 5: Create serverless.yml with the following configuration


Now with all the configuration ready, deploy the step function using the below command.

sls deploy

This will create a state machine in Singapore region as below.

State Machine

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