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Creating SQL Database In 2 Minutes

Photo by Mika Baumeister on Unsplash

1. Create Database:

Creating a new SQL database is one of the simplest tasks. Simply write one CREATE statement and we are done with it.

2. Drop Database:

We can drop the existing database by using the DROP statement the syntax for which is as follows:

3. Backup Database:

To create a backup of a database we have to use a BACKUP statement and provide it with a storage location where you need to store the backup of the database using the syntax as shown below:

4. Creating tables in a database:

After creating a database, we can create tables in a specific database by adding a database name in the CREATE TABLE statement as follows:


In this we learned about how to create, drop, backup and create tables in a database using SQL. For more such upcoming content related to Python, Machine Learning, Data Science and Front-end development follow Chirag Rathi! The link to some of the best online resources for SQL is provided at the end.

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