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Crisp Guideline on How to Start Coding as a Beginner?

You can be a coder, just need to understand the bare minimum of getting started.

Coding can be defined as writing a program to solve any specific problem, this could vary from building some feature for a fully-fledged application, or building it from scratch.

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Nowadays we all can see that everything is moving online, so the need for coding is also increasing. Just to give a pretext coding is a combination of Frontend Development, Backend Development to sometimes DevOps as well.

As a beginner, many of us won't be aware of what these are, so if you are already aware of these so please bear with me for the next few lines.

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Frontend Development: Building the client-side application for any application, this client-side application could be an IOS/Android application, a website, or a desktop application.
Now technology use to code these things could be different for example Angular, React, Vue, etc, for Website/Desktop, Darts for Android application, Objective C or Switch for IOS application development.

Backend Development: Coding the logic of the application, all the business logic is written at this end. Just for reference, suppose you are building a custom calculator based on the user input you want to perform some calculations, So the business logic of the calculation is written at that backend.
So this is a very basic example, although this logic for a calculator can be written at the client-side only, this is just an example of how things are done.
Technology can vary from Nodejs, Java, C, C++ etc. These are just the different weapons, but war is always the same

DevOps: DevOps comprising of development and Operations combined. So in simple words, DevOps is the end-to-end deployment of the entire code, so that it is accessible to the user. Since even if you develop/code something at your local machine it won't make any difference unless you are not able to host the code somewhere. All these things come under DevOps
If you want to read more about DevOps I have already written an article explaining this. Read this.

Till now you must have understood what is coding you need to understand this in-depth, how you can start with coding as a beginner.


Coding is a long process, you can learn in a month and become a master.
Here I am not saying that you won't be able to learn how to code in a month, but what I am trying to say is that you need lots of practice to clear your basics, learning how to code is easy, but understanding it thoroughly takes time.

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While you are starting to code you might get confused at various points. Many times you won't be able to understand some of the concepts i.e. why something is happening but at that time only your patience will come into play.
There are many websites which you can refer to that will help you in understanding since many developers exchange their thoughts over those websites. For example Stack Overflow, Github issues, and many blogs, etc.

Most of the time you would get some solution to your problem, but the fact is you should be aware of what to ask. The art of framing a question is very important since you won't be able to get the required answer on any of the search engines that you use if you ask the wrong question. That generally happens with life as well. Casually if you ask any of your friends the wrong question, there are 100% chances that the answer which you will get will not be relevant to what you need to know.


So learning is very important in each and every field, not just coding. This goes without saying that if you regularly learn new things you will improve in any game whatsoever. Software development is a vast field and one cannot master everything, But the matter of fact is you should at least be aware of how the entire system functions. So that if in case you ever need to do experiments of some things you would simply be able to do that.

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Moving out of your comfort zone is very important to grow since you will explore new things, which will require intense learning and experimenting with new stuff. Even if you are not experimenting with new stuff daily, at least try to understand the basics of what you have already done. This will help you in understanding things better.


As a beginner now the main question which arises is which language i.e. Java, Javascript, C, C++, Swift, etc. to choose for learning to code. So a simple answer would be to choose any since the logic behind every language remains the same. Just the syntax changes otherwise if you are good with the basics of any particular language, you would be good at understanding other languages and that too very quickly.

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Try to get some hands-on in any particular language, but as a beginner don't fiddle around on many languages it will create confusion since your basics won't be clear.
Just to have a better understand, suppose you know that one particular language has the logic of ‘scope’, now once you start working on another language you know that there is some logic of scope, you just need to find how does scope works in that particular language and you are good to go.


Now once you through with all the above points now the facts comes that you should implement that knowledge which you have gained. Handon on any topic will give you a better understanding instead of just understanding the basics or reading about them.

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Build small projects just for your understand push those project on GitHub(source control hosting), this will help you by providing you basic exposure while you are planning your job search, Github has a graph which shows how active you were on the platform and that goes with a different shade of green, darker green means you have pushed lots of code in past. This showcases to the company that the developer/candidate is experimenting with new things.

This will be a portfolio for you if you could host few of the good project and make it public than the companies can check those and access you coding skill even before you go for an interview. This helps a lot for sure.

Final Thoughts

Learning how to code as a beginner seems to be difficult but once you start practicing it you become familiar with all the basic concepts. At the start, you might feel that you are not understanding anything, but that happens with everyone.

Fun fact: Even if you are coding for years, and try something for the first time, you may feel the same. But that is normal and happens. So grasp this fact and start building those dummy projects.



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