Initiate Your Online Classifieds Business With An App Like Letgo

Aug 24, 2021 · 4 min read

In earlier days, classified business and advertising were more likely to be the same. Classifieds were all happening in newspapers where people used to advertise their products for second-hand sales. People who are interested will contact them and negotiate the price.

In this digital-paced world, newspapers have also become digitized. That is when apps like Letgo and Olx entered the market. These apps motivated people to sell or buy their products directly without intermediaries. Thus, enabling the app to follow a C2C business model.

Letgo clone — A perfect alternative to start your own online classified business

C2C online marketplace apps are similar to e-commerce apps. But the only major difference is that they sell used products to people. Letgo is a leading C2C online marketplace for people to sell their used products.

For entrepreneurs planning to start their own classified app, we would like to suggest a Letgo clone. The Letgo clone is a replicated version of the already existing standard model.

The impressive business model and features of Letgo are what make us suggest you replicate the app. The white-labeled Letgo clone will allow you to customize the app as per your ideas. With a well-developed Letgo clone, you can swiftly make an amazing entry into the market.

Appdupe’s Letgo clone app has three modules — buyers app, sellers app, and an admin panel.

  • Easy login facility

The buyers who wish to buy products through the app can register themselves with their email address, phone number, or also through their social media account.

  • Advanced search option

The advanced search option will help users search their products easily by entering their product names in the search bar. The app will analyze all the products and list the top results.

  • Swift payment options

When users purchase with your app, it is very important for you to provide feasible options for the users. So, we have included multiple options like card payments, mobile wallets, net banking, etc..

  • Inventory management

This feature of the app allows the sellers to track their products accurately. This will help them manage the status of their products and services from the app.

  • Upload images

The seller app has a separate provision for the sellers to upload their product images and a description. And the sellers can also remove products from the listings whenever they wish.

  • Profile page

The app also allows the sellers to manage their independent profile pages where they can market their products. This will also help them to increase their visibility to market their products.

Revenue generation is one of the prime considerations for entrepreneurs. And, yes, that is the major reason why we are pointing out to you the essential ways to generate revenue through the app.

Commission charges from buyers and sellers

You can collect commission charges from your buyers and sellers. Whenever they sell or buy their products through your app, you can receive your part of a commission from them.

Promotional campaigns

This is another way of generating revenue. In this method, you can invite the sellers who want to promote their products in the app. They will also pay their promotion fees to your app to run their promotion campaigns. It is up to you to decide the periods of fee payments.


Third-party retailers or sellers or whoever it is, when they approach you to run their advertisements in your app. However, you can collect your advertisement fee from them.


Introduce different subscription plans for people to enjoy their premium services. App users who are interested in availing of premium features will pay their monthly subscription fee. Through this way also, you can generate your revenue.

Online classified marketplaces have gained huge recognition from people for selling their products. For entrepreneurs out there, this will be the right time for you to launch their classified app. At Appdupe, we offer a white-labeled Letgo clone app with pre-built features. Make us a call or schedule an appointment to discuss your personalized app.

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