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Developing using PowerShell


Module directory structure

Common Utility

$configData = New-Object -TypeName PSCustomObject -argumentlist (Get-Content -Raw -Path $ConfigFile | ConvertFrom-Json)


Function BootStrap {
Param([string[]] $ModulesToLoad, [string] $ConfigFile, [string] $ConfigToLoad, [string] $LogLevel, [string] $LogType)

If (!(Get-Module Sample.Common-Utils)) {
Import-Module Sample.Common-Utils -Force -ErrorAction Stop

$SCRIPT_PATH= Split-Path (Resolve-Path $myInvocation.MyCommand.Path)
# This line allows passing all command line parameters to bootstrap function
$BootstrapParameters =$PSBoundParameters
$loadModuleList = “Sample.Common-Utils”,”Sample.Az-Utils”
$BootstrapParameters.Add(‘ModulesToLoad’, $loadModuleList)
$ConfigData = BootStrap @BootStrapParameters
# continued code for script




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Shekhar Jha

My current focus is cloud security. I have worked in identity and access domain and have experience running infrastructure for a small company.

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