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You Know What? By Borrowing the Hand of AI, You Might Be Able to Finish Your First Draft Within a Week!

If you have an engine, you can become a writing machine!

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If you can finish your first draft in one week, how many books you can publish in a year?

As a writer, it can be tiring and time-consuming to write a book. The process can be overwhelming for some writers and they prefer not to write at all. With AI, it is possible to write your book faster.

I have tested two platforms for writing a novel: and Rytr. This is what they had to say about why I should hire them instead of their competitors in the industry, and how my business can grow once we are set up with an AI-powered smart assistant that knows all there is to know on marketing strategies these days!

This is my original text. Let’s see how will handle it.

A young man was crying, holding a bloody body in his hands. His village was burning down all around him. The warriors were busily fighting with the monsters who invaded this peaceful place. He trembled as he saw his father’s ragged breath and weak figure. Why did his father, the only blacksmith in this village, have to be the first victim?!
A young man was crying, holding a bloody body in his hands. His village was burning down all around him as the sound of battle echoed through the night. The warriors were busily fighting with monsters who invaded this peaceful place and it seemed like they would be victorious soon enough when suddenly he heard a gasp from behind that turned to an agonizing croak just before darkness took over his father’s ragged breath and weak figure — why did such tragedy strike?He hesitated for only one instant but then continued running towards them even though dark shadows loomed on either side of him; fear didn’t matter now because without blacksmiths, what could these people do?! He had seen their plight many times before: where there is no work or
The blacksmith, the only one who could maintain peace within this village was killed. The young boy cried as his father’s body lay lifeless in front of him and he saw the fire burning all around them. His home had been invaded by monsters but sadly there were no warriors to protect it because they too are fighting with these creatures from another realm across time!
A young man was crying, holding a bloody body in his hands. His village had been invaded by monsters and warriors were fighting bravely to protect it from destruction as he trembled at the sight of his father’s ragged breath and weak figure lying on the floor before him; this is not how things should have turned out! He wanted so badly for everything that has happened today be just some kind of nightmare but unfortunately, reality came crashing down all too soon when he saw blood leaking through cracks in what remained after one attack only moments ago.

The results seem better than my original paragraph somehow. I was really excited to try out for my novel, but it turns out that I didn’t know how to use the program efficiently and ended up with a long process time before finishing anything substantial.

I think that artificial intelligence is just like a search engine. But if I only input one sentence, it may not understand what I’m looking for and give me the wrong result! So to get better results, make sure you add more context or keywords when using your AI program so that maybe they can figure out what you’re trying to find on their own too- kind of how Google does with webpages.

However, it does not always work.

I could be writing something great. The words are there, the ideas and inspiration too; but it just doesn’t seem that way when I type them out in front of my computer screen — nothing comes to life on paper as it does inside my head.

I may not be a fully-formed writer, but I know that if my AI ever had to revise this draft for me it would have some difficulty.

The outputs are unable to predict but I have a way to get the best result.

Use it twice!

First, you need to reform your writing structure by inputting it into the Content Improver tool and see the result. If there has not got anything you can use out there, edit your input and then try again until you get what you mean.

Then copy a text from the output, edit it and let AI improve it again. With its own structure sentences, the output will be great.

However, my vague sentences always waste a lot of time in reforming the structure process. I was frustrated but I know I need to practice how to communicate with AI. This situation might occur to you too. So, be prepared for a learning curve.

I satisfy with the result but the price for unlimited use is $109 per month! The basic plan is much cheaper at $29 per month but it has limited to 20,000 words. At the same price as a basic plan of, Rytr offers you unlimited use. However, it can’t help us write a novel right now. I have no clue when it will be able to but it is a good choice for writing non-fiction with this tool.

Anything they can do?

Yes, but it would too long for this topic. If you are curious about this, feel free to check my previous posts.


How can you finish your first draft in a week?

You need a writing farm.

Call whoever you trust, sharing your plot, telling your style, splitting your novel, and let them handle some chapters with AI’s help.

With enough manpower, finishing your first draft in a week is possible.

It’s a tough game out there, so investing in this field is bound to be difficult, but if you have the right strategy and are willing to put in time for your success then it will all pay off.



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