Education Ecosystem Engineering Team: Why Not to Use Mautic with Bitnami

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Mautic is marketing automation software for everyone. It enables marketing and community managers to effortlessly manage campaigns, nurture and engage leads through email marketing, monitor social media, build dynamic landing pages and forms, and execute advanced drip marketing campaigns. Mautic is free and open source, and can be easily integrated with third-party applications through a REST API and web-hooks. Mautic is designed to simplify marketing campaign management, and includes advanced capabilities for email marketing, social media marketing, and campaign reporting.

Installing Mautic packaged by Bitnami is problematic as demonstrated in this article — a case study by the Education Ecosystem engineering team. The installation is buggy, and setting up cron jobs becomes really difficult. Solution? Directly installing Mautic.

Mautic packaged by Bitnami

Mautic packaged by Bitnami provides a one-click install solution for Mautic. Mautic packaged by Bitnami is pre-configured and ready-to-use immediately on any cloud platform such as Google Cloud, AWS, or Azure.

Why Mautic packaged by Bitnami is not good for you

Installing this package is not a wise option for large installations. As the Mautic database grows rapidly over time, it saves lots of data, and becomes buggy. This causes it to crash randomly. It also makes it difficult to set up cron jobs. Bitnami also doesn’t provide support for this installation.

What is the best way to install Mautic?

Directly installing Mautic is the best way to go. Installing it on your cloud platform is easy to set up, manage the database and set up cron jobs. You will be able to easily set up your marketing campaigns and integrate any third party services you may want. In a direct installation, you can set up the database to automatically delete any unnecessary

Case study

Education Ecosystem’s engineering team had installed Mautic packaged by Bitnami 2 years ago. The mautic database crossed over 200 GB’s within 6 months, and mautic started crashing and analytics were not loading. The team was randomly getting 524, and 522 errors. When the team tried to increase the ram and cpu for instance, they came to know that in bitnami setup, it is not possible to increase RAM and CPU.

Installing Mautic directly on an AWS EC2 instance resolves the problems arising from the installation using Mautic packaged by Bitnami.

Final thoughts

Mautic is an open-source software dedicated to marketing automation. It allows a business to automate marketing campaigns, lead generation, segmentation and contact/lead scoring. Installing Mautic packaged by Bitnami proves to be problematic as the installation is buggy, makes it difficult to set up cron jobs and crashes randomly. Installing Mautic directly is the way to go as seen in the example above with the Education Ecosystem team.



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